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Kathy Lien

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Kathy Lien's Comment & Analysis
A complete archive of Kathy Lien's articles, including current analysis & comment.

Here's Your Daily 60 Second Trading Tip: What does Price Action Trading mean? Here are tips for day traders, forex gold traders, and more.
Trading Tip - Learn how to execute one of my favourite trading strategies. 
Trading Tip - Don't Do THIS! It is the #1 Worst Type of Trading Behavior
In this video, I walk you through my EASY 10-minute fundamental analysis routine to get you prepared for your trading day
US Consumer Price Index (CPI) is the big number to watch this week. Here's an important trading tip on US Dollar & US Inflation Relationship
I want to share my thoughts on what's going on at True Forex Funds including: 3 Reasons Why MetaQuotes Shut Down TFF How it is different from My Forex Funds shutdown What it means for the prop...
In 60 seconds, I share the 3 things to watch this week.
Watch below my quick take on this morning's US inflation and jobless claims report and what it means for stocks and the US dollar trades.
In this video, I discuss 3 different price action trading strategies that can be used for forex, gold, and stocks. Discover how you can use price to identify entries and exits, key chart patterns and...
Next week will be the busiest week of the month for the markets. Here's my December 2023 preview for dollar, forex, stocks and more!