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France - Certificates

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 UNICREDIT Call CAC 40 X15 NR31Dec99DE000U.48.370.00%004/02 

Germany - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Bayerische Gold 31Dec99DEHV2X.13.85-0.36%009:06:00 
 HV Call Solactive Deutscher MaschinDEHV3D.17.440+1.22%009:06:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter Chemie und PharDEHV5C.28.780-0.14%009:06:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter Erneuerbare EneDEHV5C.78.520+1.55%009:06:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter IT und ElektronDEHV5C.77.990-0.29%009:06:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter Konsumgueter MeDEHV5C.284.990-0.18%009:06:00 
 HV Call NIKKEI 225 31Dec99DEHV1N.22.970-1.16%009:06:00 
 HV Call SDAX 31Dec99DEHV0S.15.310+1.12%009:06:00 
 HV Call ShortTecDAX 31Dec99DEHV5T.7.770+0.65%009:06:00 
 HV Call Solactive BRIC E-Commerce PDEHV1B.41.440+2.12%009:06:00 
 HV Call Solactive Diabetes PerformaDEHV54.72.620-1.01%009:30:00 
 HV Call Frankfurter Auto und ZuliefDEHV5C.39.950+0.25%009:06:00 
 HV Call Solactive Sports PerformancDEHV54.33.790-0.56%009:30:00 
 HV Call SOLSMART Index 31Dec99DEHV3S.74.510+0.09%009:30:00 
 HV Call STOXX Europe 600 31Dec99DEHV5L.41.160-0.15%009:06:00 
 HV DJ Stoxx 600 Construction MateriDEHV16.105.450+0.29%009:06:00 
 HV DJ Stoxx Select Dividend 30 PDEHV0E.16.610+0.42%009:06:00 
 HVCall DAXglobal Gold MinersDEHV1D.29.830+2.12%009:06:00 
 HVCall DAXglobal Latin AmericaDEHV1D.4.650+0.65%009:06:00 
 HVCall DAXplus Family 30 IndexDEHV1D.68.800+0.06%009:06:00 

Italy - Certificates

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Uni Call Italia X 7 Long 15Oct21DEHV41.2.150+0.94%10.50K09:38:00 
 Uni Put TELEC LEV 3 SDGR 15Oct21DEHV41.10.060+1.62%0.03K09:49:00 
 Bayerische Call FTSE MIB 25Sep20DEHV40.111.500+0.00%007/09 
 Bayerische Call 30803 De Longhi 26SDEHV41.70.6000.00%004/02 
 Bayerische Call 4728 Bper 02Jan20DEHV41.117.3000.00%004/02 
 Bayerische Call 2129 UniCredit 28DDEHV40.58.650+0.00%025/11 
 Bayerische Call 19712 UniCredit 28DDEHV40.49.800+0.00%015/12 
 Bayerische Call 20501 UniCredit 28DDEHV40.49.500+0.00%015/12 
 Bayerische Call 22078 UniCredit 28DDEHV40.50.800+0.00%003/12 
 Bayerische Call 20518704 FTSE MIBDEHV42.107.6000.00%004/02 
 Bayerische Call 3018 Bper 26Sep19DEHV42.102.5000.00%004/02 
 Bayerische Call 23251278 FTSE MIBDEHV41.111.9500.00%004/02 
 Bayerische Call 24289282 FTSE MIBDEHV41.104.9500.00%011/12 
 Bayerische Call 42984 Osram LichtDEHV42.111.3500.00%004/02 
 Bayerische Call 50282 BNP 27Sep19DEHV42.108.4000.00%004/02 
 Bayerische Call 103 DJES Banks PrDEHV41.46.2000.00%023/03 
 Bayerische Call 8129 Deutsche BankDEHV42.110.6000.00%004/02 
 Bayerische Call 4628 Bper 26Sep19DEHV41.113.0000.00%004/02 
 Bayerische Call 403 Bper 02Jan20DEHV42.117.7000.00%004/02 
 Bayerische Call 109 Azimut 24Sep20DEHV41.103.250+0.00%027/04 
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