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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 YinHua Exchange Traded MMt Fd A511880100.550+0.01%90.99B08/03 
 YinHua Exchange Traded MMt Fd B003816100.605+0.01%90.99B08/03 
 E Fund Blue Chip Selected Mixed Fund0058272.787-5.74%67.7B08/03 
 CMF CSI white spirit Index1617251.163-7.12%48.53B08/03 
 E Fund Mid Small Cap1100117.630-5.32%40.11B08/03 
 IGW Emerging Growth Fund2601082.767-6.68%39.32B08/03 
 Industrial Trend Investment Hybrid Securities Inve1634021.046+0.61%35.25B08/03 
 E Fund Consumer Sector1100224.665-5.87%34.71B08/03 
 BOC International AnJin Bd A0039291.0180%32.89B08/03 
 BOC International AnJin Bd C0039301.0180%32.89B08/03 
 Lion Growth Fund3200071.645-5.41%32.78B08/03 
 Fullgoal Tianhui Selected Growth Mixed A1610053.577-0.09%30.68B08/03 
 ChinaAMC CSI 300 Exchange Traded Fund0P0000.5.081-3.47%30.59B08/03 
 Foresight Growth Value Alloc A0071192.018-3.84%30.44B08/03 
 Penghua Jiangxin Sele Alloc C0095711.036-5.70%29.34B08/03 
 GF Stable Growth Mixed Assets Fund2700021.688-2.17%28.2B08/03 
 GF 30 days Financial Mgmt Bond Fund A2700461.0070%27.55B08/03 
 GF Tech Pioneer Alloc0089031.444-5.05%23.97B08/03 
 Huaan Shanghai SSE180 Index Fund0P0000.4.192-2.95%23.9B08/03 
 Zhongou Medical and Health Hybrid Fund A0030953.105-6.05%23.24B08/03 
 Zhongou Medical and Health Hybrid Fund C0030963.075-6.05%23.24B08/03 
 Huaan Juyou Selected Alloc0097141.2141-2.76%23.23B08/03 
 ICBC Credit Suisse Double Interest Bond Fund A4851111.682-0.24%22.64B08/03 
 ICBCCS Allocation Gains Bond Fund B4850111.637-0.24%22.64B08/03 
 E Fund SSE50 Index1100032.489-4.01%21.73B08/03 
 BOC Yue Xiang Interval Bond Fund0P0001.1.068+0.17%20.87B05/03 
 Industrial Herun Structured Mixed Securities Inves1634062.059-2.46%20.6B08/03 
 GF Double Engine Upgrade Alloc0059113.323-4.71%20.52B08/03 
 Zhong Ou Modern Pioneer Initiating Equity Fund A0019381.810-3.62%19.74B08/03 
 China Life AMP AnKang Pure Bond0032851.0900%19.43B08/03 
 E Fund YuXiang Return Bd0023511.616-0.37%19.36B08/03 
 Wanjia Indestry Selection Equity Fund LOF1619032.022+0.37%19.3B08/03 
 China Universal Selective Mixed Securities Investm5190693.799-3.60%19.29B08/03 
 Galaxy Innovation Growth Stock Fund5196745.654-4.31%18.49B08/03 
 E Fund Great-Return Bond Fund0001712.058-0.91%18.01B08/03 
 E Fund Stable Income Bond Fund A1100071.343-0.32%17.89B08/03 
 E Fund Stable Income Bond Fund B1100081.345-0.32%17.89B08/03 
 AEGON-Industrial New View Intrv0P0001.1.931-1.98%17.64B08/03 
 Yinhua Wealth Theme Stock Fund1800125.870-6.97%17.36B08/03 
 Industrial Business Model Select Investment Equity1634153.809+0.90%17.33B08/03 
 CCB Principal HengYuan 1-Y Intrvl Bd0P0001.1.0070%16.86B08/03 
 CCB Principal HengRui 1-Y Intrvl Bd0P0001.1.0090%16.76B08/03 
 China Universal Consumer Industries Fund0000837.487-5.95%16.47B08/03 
 CCB Principal HengAn 1-Y Intrvl Bd0P0001.1.0090%16.45B08/03 
 ChinaAMC Return Securities Investment Fund A0020011.818-4.06%16.31B08/03 
 ChinaAMC Return Securities Investment Fund H9600021.818-4.06%16.31B08/03 
 BOCOM Schroders New Life Allco5197723.286-3.72%16.09B08/03 
 GF Small-Cap Growth Stock Fd(LOF)1627033.083+0.97%16.08B08/03 
 CMF CNI Bio Health Index1617260.869-5.20%15.87B08/03 
 ABC-CA New Energy Theme mix0021902.398-4.31%15.31B08/03 
 China Universal ChangLi Interval Bd A0P0001.1.0240%15.19B08/03 
 China Universal ChangLi Interval Bd C0P0001.1.020+0.10%15.19B08/03 
 Zhong Ou Growth Industry Hybrid Fund(LOF)C0042312.178-4.11%15.18B08/03 
 Zhong Ou Growth Industry Hybrid Fund(LOF)A1660062.236+0.80%15.18B08/03 
 Zhong Ou Growth Industry Hybrid Fund(LOF)E0018862.245-4.10%15.18B08/03 
 HFT Alpha Hedge Balance Fund5190621.158-0.43%14.99B08/03 
 E Fds FengHe Bd0029691.382-1.17%14.93B08/03 
 ICBCCS RuiFeng Semi-Annual Itrl Bd Fd0P0001.1.0830%14.88B08/03 
 Harvest Emerging Industry Eq0007514.771-5.11%14.7B08/03 
 GF Innovation Upgr Bal Fd0029393.172-4.53%14.63B08/03 
 E Fund Stable Value Bond Fund A1100272.004-1.47%14.27B08/03 
 E Fund Stable Value Bond Fund B1100281.971-1.45%14.27B08/03 
 Penghua Emerging Industry Stock Securities Investm2060093.924-3.89%13.96B08/03 
 Foresight Balance Value 3Y Own Alloc A0089691.661-3.09%13.73B08/03 
 IGW DingYi Fund(LOF)1626052.901-0.58%13.62B08/03 
 ICBC Credit Literary Ids Eq0017143.173-4.14%13.59B08/03 
 GF JuXin Bond Fund A0001181.510-0.59%13.31B08/03 
 GF JuXin Bond Fund C0001191.504-0.59%13.31B08/03 
 GF YiLiao BaoJian Eq A0P0001.3.048-6.65%13.29B08/03 
 Harvest Ultra Short-term Bond0700091.0510%13.25B08/03 
 ChinaAMC CSI 300 ETF Feeder Fund0000511.705-3.30%13.23B08/03 
 China Universal Income Express Money Market Fund A5198880.0100%12.81B08/03 
 China Universal Income Express Money Market Fund B5198890.0100%12.81B08/03 
 Fullgoal Credit Bond Fund C0001921.1170%12.73B08/03 
 First State Cinda New Energy Ind Stk Fd0014103.475-2.80%12.58B08/03 
 ICBCCS Industrial Bond Fund A0000451.504-0.66%12.45B08/03 
 ICBCCS Industrial Bond Fund B0000461.475-0.67%12.45B08/03 
 China Universal 30 Days Cash-Management Fund A4700301.0040%12.23B08/03 
 GF Trending Flexible-Configuration Balance Fund0002151.627-0.29%12.09B08/03 
 Zhong Ou China New Blue Chip Alloc Hyb E0018852.189-3.44%12.05B08/03 
 Lombarda China New Blue Chip Flexible Allocation B1660022.179-3.44%12.05B08/03 
 Fullgoal Credit Bond Fund A0001911.1260%11.83B08/03 
 Fullgoal Tianli Growth Bond Fund1000181.3110%11.82B08/03 
 BOC Schroder New Gr Eq5197364.352-4.29%11.8B08/03 
 China Southern Baoyuan Bond Fund2021012.507-0.67%11.53B08/03 
 ChinaAMC 30 Days Cash Management Fund A0010571.0090%11.39B08/03 
 ChinaAMC 30 Days Cash Management Fund B0010581.0090%11.39B08/03 
 China Universal Double Income Enhance Bond Fund A4700181.994-0.65%11.01B08/03 
 China Universal Double Income Enhance Bond Fund C0006921.780-0.67%11.01B08/03 
 GF ZhengLi Double Bond Fund A2700441.1730%10.87B08/03 
 GF ZhengLi Double Bond Fund C2700451.1610%10.87B08/03 
 HONGDE Vision Return mix0015002.019-4.61%10.78B08/03 
 Bank of Communications Schroders Selected Fund5196881.191-4.28%10.54B08/03 
 Yinhua YuanJing Bd0025011.155-0.60%10.36B08/03 
 Lombarda China New Trend Hybrid FundLOFA1660011.731-0.35%10.32B08/03 
 Zhong Ou Shuangli Bond Fund A0029611.198-0.76%10.32B08/03 
 Zhong Ou Shuangli Bond Fund C0029621.177-0.76%10.32B08/03 
 ICBCCS Financial Property Industry Equity Fund0002512.690-2.04%10.31B08/03 
 China Universal Blue Chip Equity Fund5190663.701-4.79%10.14B08/03 
 BOC 7 Days Financial Management Bond Fund A3800071.0030%10.08B08/03 
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