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 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Eurizon Fund - Azioni Strategia Flessibile Class U0P0000.169.930+0.56%6.78B05/03 
 Allianz Global Investors Fund - Allianz Europe Equ0P0000.304.600-0.37%6.72B08/03 
 Alleanza Obbligazionario A0P0000.5.620-0.05%6.31B05/03 
 First Eagle Amundi International Fund Class AE-QD 0P0000.125.320+1.96%6.78B05/03 
 First Eagle Amundi International Fund Class FHE-C 0P0000.146.480+0.85%6.78B05/03 
 CPR Invest - Global Disruptive Opportunities Class0P0001.177.500+0.90%5.15B05/03 
 Anima Sforzesco A0P0000.13.276+0.02%4.89B05/03 
 Anima Sforzesco AD0P0001.12.309-0.49%4.89B05/03 
 Anima Sforzesco F0P0000.13.970+0.02%4.89B05/03 
 Fidelity Funds China Consumer Fund D Acc EUR0P0001.19.190-2.59%68.79M08/03 
 Fidelity Funds Euro Short Term Bond Fund D Acc E0P0001.10.226-0.02%21.94M08/03 
 Janus Henderson Capital Funds plc - Balanced Fund 0P0000.34.300-0.61%5.66B08/03 
 AXA IM Fixed Income Investment Strategies - US Sho0P0000.178.110+0.01%4.51B08/03 
 Mediolanum BB MS Glb Sel L EUR Acc0P0000.12.748-0.21%4.07B05/03 
 CS Invm Fds 2 - Credit Suisse Lux Global Robotics 0P0001.207.520-0.66%3.55B05/03 
 Arca Strategia Globale Crescita P0P0000.6.2900%3.57B05/03 
 Anima Visconteo A0P0000.48.457-0.17%3.48B05/03 
 Anima Visconteo AD0P0001.44.240-0.70%3.48B05/03 
 Anima Visconteo F0P0000.50.908-0.16%3.48B05/03 
 Arca RR Diversified Bond0P0000.11.964-0.10%3.2B05/03 
 Amundi Funds - Bond Global Emerging Blended SE-C0P0001.108.650-0.24%2.93B05/03 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale ILP6834.10.397-0.18%2.7B05/03 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale L0P0000.8.151-0.18%2.7B05/03 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Obbligazionario Globale LA0P0001.9.580-0.19%2.7B05/03 
 Mediolanum BB Coupon Strategy Collection SH B0P0000.8.343-0.44%2.58B05/03 
 Mediolanum BB Coupon Strategy Collection SH A0P0000.12.066-0.43%2.58B05/03 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Credit Opportunities 0P0000.11.988-0.20%74.59M05/03 
 Mediolanum Best Brands Global High Yield SH-B Inc0P0000.8.336-0.17%2.41B05/03 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Sviluppo Italia Class L0P0001.10.463-0.39%2.35B05/03 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Sviluppo Italia I0P0001.11.942-0.37%2.35B05/03 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Sviluppo Italia LA0P0001.11.156-0.39%2.35B05/03 
 Pioneer Obbligazionario Più a distribuzione B0P0000.6.142-0.05%2.29B05/03 
 Pioneer Obbl Più a distribuzione A0P0000.10.134-0.04%2.29B05/03 
 Mediolanum BB Euro Fixed Income L A0P0000.6.036+0.02%2.34B05/03 
 Etica Obbligazionario Misto R0P0000.8.273+0.08%1.77B05/03 
 Etica Obbligazionario Misto I0P0000.8.733+0.09%1.77B05/03 
 Anima Risparmio AD0P0000.6.897-0.82%1.76B05/03 
 Anima Risparmio F0P0000.7.7880%1.76B05/03 
 Anima Risparmio A0P0001.7.6260%1.76B05/03 
 Anima Risparmio H0P0001.7.6660%1.76B05/03 
 Anima Pianeta F0P0000.12.119+0.52%1.72B05/03 
 Anima Pianeta A0P0000.11.579+0.52%1.72B05/03 
 Arca TE - Titoli Esteri0P0000.25.383+0.14%1.8B05/03 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Futuro Italia LA0P0000.23.587-0.47%1.6B05/03 
 Mediolanum Flessibile Italia I0P0001.24.457-0.47%1.6B05/03 
 Eurizon Global Trends 40 - Dicembre 20240P0001.5.338-0.17%1.51B05/03 
 Fondaco Multi Asset Income B0P0001.110.922-0.56%1.49B04/03 
 Etica Bilanciato ILP6814.14.775+0.98%1.46B05/03 
 Etica Bilanciato R0P0000.13.624+0.97%1.46B05/03 
 Arca Obbligazioni Europa0P0000.12.704-0.20%1.4B05/03 
 AcomeA Breve Termine A10P0000.17.413-0.27%1.37B05/03 
 AcomeA Breve Termine A20P0000.18.016-0.27%1.37B05/03 
 AcomeA Breve Termine Q20P0001.17.757-0.27%1.37B05/03 
 Anima Liquiditֳ  Euro AM0P0001.49.226-0.00%1.36B05/03 
 Eurizon Diversificato Etico0P0000.10.802+0.19%1.32B05/03 
 Anima America A0P0000.32.870+2.91%1.29B05/03 
 Anima America F0P0000.35.361+2.90%1.29B05/03 
 Anima America B0P0001.32.231+2.93%1.29B05/03 
 Anima Obbligazionario Corporate A0P0000.10.072-0.06%1.27B05/03 
 Anima Obbligazionario Corporate AD0P0001.9.012-0.78%1.27B05/03 
 Anima Obbligazionario Corporate FLP6820.10.508-0.05%1.27B05/03 
 Anima Magellano A0P0001.5.398+0.80%1.25B05/03 
 Gestielle Cedola Multi Target V0P0001.5.026+0.12%1.23B05/03 
 Mediolanum Best Brands Premium Coupon Collection F0P0000.9.085-0.33%1.18B05/03 
 Mediolanum Best Brands Premium Coupon Collection F0P0000.9.500-0.18%1.18B05/03 
 BancoPosta Mix 2 A0P0000.8.416+0.30%1.22B05/03 
 BancoPosta Mix 2 D0P0001.5.080+0.30%1.22B05/03 
 Arca Bond Paesi Emergenti P0P0000.18.824-0.68%1.18B05/03 
 Arca Bond Corporate0P0000.9.870-0.06%1.2B05/03 
 Eurizon Azioni Internazionali0P0000.18.603+1.97%1.16B05/03 
 BancoPosta Mix 3 A0P0001.5.658+0.55%1.14B05/03 
 BancoPosta Mix 3 D0P0001.5.079+0.53%1.14B05/03 
 Arca Previdenza - Obiettivo TFR0P0000.12.390-0.50%1.13B26/02 
 Arca Previdenza - Obiettivo TFR C0P0000.12.697-0.46%1.13B26/02 
 Arca Previdenza - Obiettivo TFR R0P0000.13.338-0.43%1.13B26/02 
 Gestielle Cedola MultiAsset III0P0001.4.770+0.02%1.12B05/03 
 BancoPosta Mix 1 A0P0000.7.631+0.10%1.12B05/03 
 BancoPosta Mix 1 D0P0001.4.993+0.10%1.12B05/03 
 Anima Valore Globale B0P0001.46.119+1.81%1.12B05/03 
 Anima Valore Globale F0P0000.49.907+1.82%1.12B05/03 
 Anima Valore Globale A0P0000.46.570+1.82%1.12B05/03 
 Eurizon Riserva 2 anni A0P0001.5.010-0.02%1.06B05/03 
 Eurizon Riserva 2 anni B0P0001.5.057-0.02%1.06B05/03 
 Eurizon Riserva 2 anni C0P0001.5.091-0.02%1.06B05/03 
 Anima Fix High Yield A0P0000.12.963-0.18%1.04B05/03 
 Anima Fix High Yield YLP6510.14.698-0.19%1.04B05/03 
 Anima Vespucci AD0P0001.5.057-0.37%1.02B05/03 
 Anima Fondo Trading A0P0000.16.617+0.71%1.02B05/03 
 Anima Fondo Trading F0P0000.18.378+0.72%1.02B05/03 
 Mediolanum BB Dynamic International Value Opportun0P0001.5.750+1.97%1.01B05/03 
 Arca Previdenza - Crescita0P0000.25.054-0.04%985.54M26/02 
 Arca Previdenza - Crescita C0P0000.25.681-0.01%985.54M26/02 
 Arca Previdenza - Crescita R0P0000.26.987+0.02%985.54M26/02 
 Arca Previdenza - Alta Crescita0P0000.29.837+1.15%976.44M26/02 
 Arca Previdenza - Alta Crescita C0P0000.30.846+1.18%976.44M26/02 
 Arca Previdenza - Alta Crescita R0P0000.32.426+1.20%976.44M26/02 
 Pioneer Obbligazionario Paesi Emergenti a distribu0P0000.5.158+0.10%971.98M05/03 
 Pioneer Obbl Paesi Emerg a distribuzione A0P0000.10.157+0.10%971.98M05/03 
 Fidelity Funds Global Demographics Fund D Acc EU0P0001.17.560+2.09%3.21M08/03 
 Anima Obbligazionario Emergente A0P0000.7.913-0.64%949.51M05/03 
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