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 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 PIMCO Commodity Real Return Strategy InstitutionalPCRIX4.89-0.61%4.43B27/01 
 PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS Strategy InstlPCLIX6.98-0.85%2.18B27/01 
 Credit Suisse Commodity Return Strat ICRSOX24.93-0.64%2.05B27/01 
 Vanguard Commodity Strategy Fund Admiral SharesVCMDX27.380-0.65%1.93B27/01 
 Fidelity Series Commodity StrategyFCSSX104.44-0.67%1.7B27/01 
 PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS Strategy PPCLPX6.87-0.87%1.69B27/01 
 DFA Commodity Strategy InstitutionalDCMSX4.87-0.61%1.68B27/01 
 Parametric Commodity Strategy InstlEIPCX6.54-0.76%1.62B27/01 
 Deutsche Enhanced Commodity Strat InstlSKIRX6.17-0.48%1.59B27/01 
 ALPS CorCmdty Mgmt CompleteCmdty Strat IJCRIX8.19-0.61%1.56B27/01 
 PIMCO Commodity Real Return Strat PPCRPX4.85-0.61%1.47B27/01 
 BlackRock Commodity Strategies InstlBICSX9.72-0.71%1.19B27/01 
 MFS Commodity Strategy R6MCSRX3.78-0.79%731.59M27/01 
 Invesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat YBRCYX7.11-0.84%470.17M27/01 
 AQR Risk-Balanced Commodities Strategy IARCIX9.24-0.54%411.91M27/01 
 PIMCO Commodity Real Ret Strat APCRAX4.63-0.86%364.46M27/01 
 Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategy InstlGCCIX9.35-0.64%325.31M27/01 
 VanEck CM Commodity Index YCMCYX4.86-0.61%325.95M27/01 
 VanEck CM Commodity Index ICOMIX4.88-0.61%230.62M27/01 
 Invesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strategy Fund Clas0P0000.7.170-0.83%224.21M27/01 
 SilverPepper Cmdty Strats Glb Macro InstSPCIX6.57-0.45%156.84M27/01 
 BlackRock Commodity Strategies Portfolio Investor 0P0000.9.630-0.72%152.18M27/01 
 Invesco Balanced-Risk Cmdty Strat R5BRCNX7.15-0.83%162.28M27/01 
 Parametric Commodity Strategy Fund Investor Class0P0000.6.470-0.77%143.25M27/01 
 PIMCO Commodity Real Ret Strat AdminPCRRX4.69-0.64%115.39M27/01 
 Deutsche Enhanced Commodity Strat ASKNRX6.07-0.65%66.3M27/01 
 ALPS CoreCommodity Management Complete CommoditiesJCRAX8.040-0.62%90.88M27/01 
 Invesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strategy Fund Clas0P0000.6.890-0.86%90.6M27/01 
 Deutsche Enhanced Commodity Strat SSKSRX6.15-0.49%60.3M27/01 
 PIMCO Commodity Real Ret Strat CPCRCX4.13-0.72%65.97M27/01 
 Credit Suisse Commodity Return Strat ACRSAX23.98-0.62%36.92M27/01 
 Credit Suisse Trust Commodity Return StCCRSX24.21-0.57%37.45M27/01 
 AQR Risk-Balanced Commodities Strategy Fund Class 0P0000.9.060-0.44%44.7M27/01 
 BlackRock Commodity Strategies Portfolio Investor 0P0000.9.200-0.76%37.23M27/01 
 ALPS CoreCommodity Management Complete CommoditiesJCRCX7.360-0.67%25.89M27/01 
 Invesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strategy Fund Clas0P0000.6.280-0.79%26.84M27/01 
 Rydex Commodities Fund Class H0P0000.31.120-1.21%10.41M27/01 
 AQR Risk-Balanced Commodities Strat R6QRCRX9.29-0.43%30.78M27/01 
 Deutsche Enhanced Commodity Strategy Fund Class C0P0000.5.400-0.74%16.46M27/01 
 Invesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strategy Fund Clas0P0000.6.710-0.89%11.69M27/01 
 ProFunds Short Precious Metals Fund Investor ClassSPPIX13.240+1.30%5.23M27/01 
 SilverPepper Cmdty Strats Glb Macro AdvSPCAX6.51-0.61%2.69M27/01 
 ProFunds Short Oil & Gas Fund Investor ClassSNPIX14.520+1.89%1.59M27/01 
 ProFunds Short Precious Metals Fund Service ClassSPPSX12.710+1.36%99.91K27/01 
 ProFunds Short Oil & Gas Fund Service ClassSNPSX13.310+1.84%35.53K27/01 
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