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Editorial Guidelines is committed to delivering quality markets-related content to our readers from contributors with insightful perspectives on topics relevant to financial traders and investors. If you’re passionate about the financial markets and have fresh ideas or market strategies worth sharing, we’d love to have you join our team of contributors. You can learn more about contributor benefits here.

We publish hundreds of articles a day. Our goal is to make sure only the best, smartest, most actionable, market-focused posts are available to our users. We reserve the right to reject any material we believe doesn’t meet these standards. As well, because of the small size of our staffing we will not respond to requests for explanations or guidance. Our editorial standards are spelled out in these guidelines and should suffice.

With that in mind, and because the volume of material we receive on a daily basis is significant, we will only publish material that’s well written, makes a clear point, requires no corrections or editing and is focused on markets relevant to US traders and investors. Self-promotional material will automatically be denied, as will material that is no longer timely.

If an article has been denied, please do not resubmit the same post yet again. Editorial decisions are final and repeated resubmissions of the same post won’t change our decision.

If an article has been denied, please do not resubmit the same post yet again. Editorial decisions are final and repeated resubmissions of the same post won’t change our decision.

We aim to turn content around as quickly as possible, but depending on volume, it can take up to 1 business day for a submission to be reviewed. Weekend submissions could have a longer turnaround time.

Here are few guidelines to be aware of when submitting content to us:

  • English Only. Articles must be written in English and conform to British usage. Articles that have been written via scripts or compiled using translation software so that the language usage is incorrect will immediately be denied.
  • Original work: We do not require exclusivity. You’re free to republish pieces submitted elsewhere, at the same time your submission is being considered at other sites. However, the content submitted must be your original work and owned by you. We will not accept plagiarized content, and reserve the right to suspend authors whose material has proven to be plagiarized.
  • Be concise: We encourage you to be succinct with your writing. However, to qualify for publication, an article must have a minimum of 250 words and should be no longer than 3,000-3,500 words.
  • Dig deep: We favor articles that provide in-depth, unique analysis. If you are submitting technical analysis, for example, you will enhance your material—as well as the technical case—if you include informative charts in the article.
  • Enrich the content: Try to make your content more appealing to readers by adding audio or visual components. You can embed a PDF, or upload a video, audio segment, or YouTube video to accompany your piece.
  • Edit it: Spend a few minutes re-reading your article to correct spelling and grammatical errors. We will not publish articles that require extensive editing.
  • No penny stocks: As a rule, we do not publish articles about thinly traded penny stocks with market caps below $100 million.
  • Avoid promotional content: We do not support content that’s blatantly promotional and will delete any links, sentences or paragraphs that are purely promotional. This includes links to subscription pages or promotions on an author’s site. We do support links to material on your pages that add value for the reader. However, we will limit self-referential links to no more than 3 per article.

We only approve content that deals with topics relevant to the financial markets. Relevant topics include:

  • Your local stock markets: We value localized viewpoints. If you’re living in Germany for instance, we’d appreciate articles on the German indices and individual or multiple regional stocks.
  • The global markets: We always want global viewpoints on indices and stocks as well as macro financial observations. We’re interested in articles pertaining to the markets in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East.
  • Commodities: We’re consistently interested in receiving articles on commodities including gold, silver, copper, oil, natural gas, wheat, cotton, and sugar.
  • Bonds: Either sovereign or corporate
  • Interest Rates and Central Banks
  • Currencies/Forex

We believe in quality over quantity. Therefore, we reserve the right not to publish multiple submissions by the same author unless each submission meets our editorial standards.

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