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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 NEXT FUNDS Nikkei 225 Double Inverse Index1357147.0+2.08%56.74M24/05 
 Nikkei225 Bear -2x1360360.9+2.62%29.06M24/05 
 Rakuten Nikkei 225 Double Inverse1459594.0+2.41%10.80M24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Nikkei 225 Leveraged Index157028,025.0-2.42%5.16M24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Nikkei 225 Inverse Index1571628.0+1.13%3.58M24/05 
 TSE Mothers2516473.8-1.68%2.87M24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Nifty 50 Linked1678376.1+1.37%2.78M24/05 
 iShares S&P 5001655597.4-1.08%2.32M24/05 
 Nomura TSE Bank Listed1615344.4+0.06%2.24M24/05 
 TOPIX Bear -2x1356382.9+0.92%2.00M24/05 
 Nomura TOPIX Listed13062,896.5-0.57%1.69M24/05 
 Daiwa ETF Japan Nikkei 225 Double Inverse1366383.0+2.13%1.32M24/05 
 Global X Semiconductor22431,924.0-1.69%767.03K24/05 
 iShares S&P 500 JPY Hedged2563306.7-1.22%676.05K24/05 
 Global X Japan Semiconductor26444,830.0-2.33%658.88K24/05 
 Global X US Tech Top 2022442,028.0-1.12%540.43K24/05 
 iShares 20+ Year US Treasury Bond JPY Hedged26211,217.0-0.57%521.14K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS REIT Index13431,886.5-0.40%469.39K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS S&P 500 (Unhedged) Exchange Traded2633382.4-0.96%462.30K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Nikkei 225 High Dividend Yield Stock 5014892,345.0-0.13%433.69K24/05 
 Nikkei225 Bull 2x157929,910.0-2.61%430.95K24/05 
 iShares 20+ Year US Treasury Bond2255216.1-0.14%388.42K24/05 
 Nikko TOPIX Listed13082,864.0-0.45%372.53K24/05 
 Rakuten Nikkei 225 Leveraged145833,010.0-2.51%347.58K24/05 
 iShares US Dividend Growth2014230.3-1.16%315.58K24/05 
 Nomura Nikkei 225 Listed132140,360.0-1.18%290.32K24/05 
 iShares US High Dividend2013228.4-1.13%277.72K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS NOMURA Crude Oil Long Index Linked1699430.4-0.02%207.87K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Crude Oil20382,239.0+0.27%186.54K24/05 
 Simplex Nikkei 225 Bear -1x15801,664.5+1.28%173.07K24/05 
 Simplex TSE Mothers Core15632,051.0-0.97%154.85K24/05 
 Mitsubishi Japan Physical Gold154011,180.0-0.62%152.22K24/05 
 Global X S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats22361,250.0-1.19%129.02K24/05 
 iShares Core Japan REIT14761,808.0-0.33%122.18K24/05 
 iShares Core TOPIX14752,838.0-0.49%121.55K24/05 
 AM-One One ETF Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT25561,801.0-0.55%119.99K24/05 
 TOPIX Bull 2x156849,190.0-0.91%113.36K24/05 
 Daiwa ETF Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index14881,816.5-0.33%102.82K24/05 
 Global X China Electric Vehicle and Battery2254805.0-1.23%99.11K24/05 
 Daiwa ETF TOPIX Listed13052,929.5-0.46%92.94K24/05 
 WisdomTree Natural Gas16891,579.0-1.80%90.92K24/05 
 Simplex TSE REIT25551,803.5-0.25%85.89K24/05 
 MAXIS High Dividend Japan Equity Actively Managed2085558.9-0.30%77.57K24/05 
 Global X Japan Global Leaders ESG26413,215.0-0.62%73.33K24/05 
 Simplex WTI16713,215.00.00%71.78K24/05 
 MAXIS J-REIT15971,807.0-0.36%63.84K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund J-REIT13451,780.0-0.11%63.80K24/05 
 PBR Improvement over 1x20801,200.0-0.17%63.72K24/05 
 Daiwa Japan Nikkei225 Inverse14562,688.0+1.17%61.07K24/05 
 Global X 25+ Year T-Bond (JPY Hedged)179A295.0-0.61%56.47K24/05 
 China H-share Bull 2x15724,712.0-3.01%52.32K24/05 
 Daiwa ETF Japan Nikkei 225 Leveraged136543,260.0-2.39%52.04K24/05 
 MAXIS TOPIX13482,864.5-0.52%51.49K24/05 
 iFreeETF JPX Prime 15020171,071.0-0.74%51.33K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS International Bond FTSE World Governmen25111,117.0-0.09%48.30K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS DJIA (Yen-Hedged) Exchange Traded Fund28462,074.5-1.68%47.19K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS NASDAQ-100154529,710.0-1.13%45.57K24/05 
 Daiwa ETF Japan TOPIX Double Inverse (-2x)1368557.0+1.46%44.18K24/05 
 TOPIX Bear -1x15691,321.5+0.49%41.86K24/05 
 Global X Nasdaq 100 Covered Call28651,210.0+0.08%41.37K24/05 
 iShares USD High Yield Corporate Bond2258218.4-0.23%41.20K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund US Equity (S&P500)15479,018.0-1.12%40.61K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS International REIT S&P Developed REIT I25151,359.0-2.09%40.36K24/05 
 MAXIS S&P500 US Equity255823,875.0-1.12%38.76K24/05 
 WisdomTree Grains1688665.6+1.98%38.44K24/05 
 Global X 25+ Year T-Bond180A307.6-0.32%38.19K24/05 
 Global X U.S. Preferred Security28661,023.0-1.16%36.68K24/05 
 iShares MSCI Japan High Dividend14783,705.0-0.13%34.75K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund US Equity (NASDAQ100) Currency H25692,969.5-1.41%33.80K24/05 
 Nikko Nikkei 225 Listed133040,400.0-1.20%33.73K24/05 
 Mitsubishi Japan Physical Platinum15414,785.0-0.42%30.20K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS JPX Prime 150 Index Exchange Traded Fun159A521.4-0.55%29.78K24/05 
 iShares Core 7-10 US Treasury Bond1656304.1-0.10%29.37K24/05 
 iShares Core US Treasury Bond 7-10 Year JPY Hedged14821,698.0-0.35%28.63K24/05 
 Nikko Listed IDX Fund US Equity S&P500 Hedged25211,660.00.00%27.79K24/05 
 MAXIS NY Dow Industrial Average2241682.7-2.47%27.75K24/05 
 Nikko Listed Index Fund Nikkei Leveraged135852,110.0-2.47%27.26K24/05 
 SPDR Gold Shares132634,150.0-0.58%27.10K24/05 
 Nomura Gold Price Linked13289,008.0-0.90%26.70K24/05 
 MAXIS Nikkei 225134640,130.0-1.33%26.09K24/05 
 iShares 1-3 Year US Treasury Bond2620353.0+0.17%25.84K24/05 
 MAXIS World Equity (MSCI ACWI)255920,480.0-0.80%25.68K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund US Equity (NASDAQ100) No Currenc25685,034.0-2.16%25.65K24/05 
 Daiwa ETF Nikkei 225 Listed132040,220.0-1.23%24.82K24/05 
 SMDAM TOPIX25572,766.5-0.56%24.29K24/05 
 Mitsubishi Japan Physical Silver154214,350.0+0.84%22.82K24/05 
 iShares USD High Yield Corporate Bond JPY Hedged14971,847.0-0.75%22.03K24/05 
 iShares Core Nikkei 225132940,260.0-1.18%21.66K24/05 
 iShares US Aggregate Bond2256214.8-0.09%21.06K24/05 
 iShares 0-3 Month US Treasury Bond2012217.2+0.28%20.79K24/05 
 SMDS SMDAM REIT Index13981,807.0-0.22%18.38K24/05 
 Global X SuperDividend U.S.22531,152.0-1.20%18.20K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Ibovespa Linked1325242.7-1.22%17.90K24/05 
 Global X Logistics J-REIT2565887.0-0.34%17.69K24/05 
 iShares 3-7 Year US Treasury Bond JPY Hedged2856696.1-0.19%17.50K24/05 
 Daiwa TOPIX High Dividend Yield 4016512,050.0-0.24%17.38K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS International Bond FTSE World Governmen2512775.6-0.22%16.14K24/05 
 iFreeETF NASDAQ100 Leveraged(2x)286940,140.0-2.55%15.90K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund S&P500 Futures Inverse22407,601.0+1.27%15.69K24/05 
 Nomura TOPIX Core30 Listed13111,462.5-0.54%15.45K24/05 
 NZAM ETF J-REIT15951,794.5-0.25%14.82K24/05 
 MAXIS Global Equity (MSCI Kokusai)15505,722.0-1.16%14.82K24/05 
 MAXIS S&P500 US Equity (JPY Hedged)263012,170.0-1.10%14.29K24/05 
 iShares USD Investment Grade Corporate Bond2257216.2-0.23%14.25K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Nifty Price Return 2x Leverage204630,930.0+0.16%13.94K24/05 
 MAXIS NASDAQ100 ETF263121,050.0-1.08%13.40K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Nikkei-TOCOM Inverse Crude Oil2039933.00.00%13.29K24/05 
 DIAM TOPIX14732,806.0-0.50%11.77K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES DJIA Total Return JPY Monthly Hedged In20412,561.0+1.47%11.54K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS NASDAQ-100(R) (Yen-Hedged) Exchange Tra28452,445.0-1.31%11.08K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS S&P 500 (Yen-Hedged) Exchange Traded Fu26342,384.5-1.10%10.51K24/05 
 Nochu NZAM J-REIT Core Index25271,077.0-0.14%10.39K24/05 
 WisdomTree Wheat16954,485.0+2.40%10.13K24/05 
 MAXIS NY Dow Industrial Average (JPY Hedged)2242552.0-1.64%10.05K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES HSI Leveraged20315,220.0-2.43%9.44K24/05 
 Global X Ultra Short-Term T-Bill133A1,073.0+0.37%9.35K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund Japan High Dividend (TSE Dividen16983,050.0-0.49%9.23K24/05 
 Global X MSCI SuperDividend Japan25642,821.0-0.14%8.61K24/05 
 WisdomTree Copper16936,780.0+1.45%8.49K24/05 
 iShares USD Investment Grade Corp Bond JPY Hedged14961,821.0-0.44%8.46K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS International Equity MSCI-KOKUSAI Unhed25132,503.0-0.12%8.45K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Japan High Dividend Equity Active Excha20842,307.0-0.17%8.27K24/05 
 iShares Core Japan Government Bond25612,348.0-0.30%8.24K24/05 
 Daiwa ETF Japan TOPIX Leveraged (2x)136738,190.0-1.01%8.21K24/05 
 Global X Japan Tech Top 2028541,495.0-0.93%8.15K24/05 
 Global X S&P 500 Covered Call28681,089.0-0.09%7.88K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund World Equity (MSCI ACWI) ex Japa15544,660.0-0.85%7.61K24/05 
 iShares US REIT16593,005.0-1.80%7.34K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Dow Jones Industrial Average154660,300.0-1.08%7.21K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Nikkei-JPX Platinum Index Linked1682267.3+1.56%7.20K24/05 
 Global X Japan Fintech28362,369.0-0.55%7.14K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Nikkei-TOCOM Leveraged Gold203657,790.0-1.08%7.07K24/05 
 Global X S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats (JPY Hedged)20951,116.0-1.41%6.79K24/05 
 MAXIS NASDAQ100 (JPY Hedged)263212,445.0-1.43%6.74K24/05 
 iShares Automation & Robot25225,470.0-1.44%6.74K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Japan Growth Equity Active Exchange Tra20832,265.0-1.09%6.64K24/05 
 iFreeETF-Nikkei225(Quarterly Dividend Type)26243,870.0-1.40%6.55K24/05 
 Strategic Shareholding Disposal Promotion20811,204.0-0.82%6.39K24/05 
 iFreeETF NASDAQ100 (NON HEDGED)284027,130.0-1.04%6.28K24/05 
 WisdomTree Aluminium1692544.3+1.53%5.80K24/05 
 SMDAM Active Japan High Dividend Equity2011562.7+0.05%5.78K24/05 
 WisdomTree Physical Silver16734,417.0+1.08%5.75K24/05 
 Global X US REIT Top 2020181,032.0-1.81%5.73K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Nomura Shareholder Yield 70 Exchange Tr25291,713.0-0.70%5.70K24/05 
 iFreeETF-TOPIX(Quarterly Dividend Type)26252,748.0-0.51%5.55K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund International Emerging Countries16812,179.5-0.86%5.54K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers20426,447.0-0.85%5.42K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Japan Bond NOMURA-BPI2510904.1-0.42%4.80K24/05 
 Global X Japan Robotics & AI26382,042.0-0.83%4.78K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund US Equity (Dow Average) Currency25623,014.0-1.57%4.53K24/05 
 WisdomTree Corn16963,580.0+1.27%4.50K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Nomura Japan Equity High Dividend 70157737,690.0-0.48%4.40K24/05 
 China H-share Bear -1x157311,950.0+1.75%4.16K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund Australian Government Bond (Curr28434,090.0-0.24%3.97K24/05 
 iFreeETF NASDAQ100 Double Inverse(-2x)287022,845.0+2.67%3.76K24/05 
 SPDR S&P 500155782,750.0-0.98%3.75K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS JPX-Nikkei 400 Double Inverse Index1472278.00.00%3.74K24/05 
 iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI16582,832.0-0.60%3.74K24/05 
 Mukam Maxis J-REIT Core25171,062.5-0.19%3.73K24/05 
 Global X U.S. Preferred Security (Bi-monthly Divid20191,055.0+0.29%3.71K24/05 
 iShares Core MSCI Kokusai16575,050.0-0.98%3.67K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund S&P500 Futures Leveraged Two Tim223915,970.0-2.56%3.56K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund US Bond (Currency Hedge)148713,105.0-0.42%3.51K24/05 
 Global X Japan Games & Animation26402,859.0-1.04%3.44K24/05 
 WisdomTree Agriculture16871,007.0+0.55%3.33K24/05 
 MUKAM MAXIS High Yield J-REIT166010,060.0-0.49%3.26K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Nikkei-TOCOM Inverse Gold20372,771.0+0.54%3.14K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund Nikkei ESG REIT2566987.9-0.01%2.89K24/05 
 Global X Morningstar US Small Mid Moat22521,173.0-1.43%2.87K24/05 
 DIAM Nikkei 225136938,950.0-1.22%2.83K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS German Equity DAX (Yen-Hedged) Exchange28602,618.0-0.63%2.72K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS JPX JGB Futures Double Inverse Index Ex2251773.4+0.22%2.70K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS EM J.P.Morgan EMBI Plus (Unhedged)25191,083.0-0.41%2.67K24/05 
 MAXIS US Treasury Bond 20+ Year (Unhedged)182A521.0-0.99%2.63K24/05 
 Simplex JPX Nikkei 400 Bear Dbl Inv1469671.0-0.89%2.55K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund Nikkei 225 (Mini)15783,100.0-1.12%2.55K24/05 
 iFreeChina STAR5026281,604.0-1.60%2.47K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund International Developed Countrie16805,747.0-1.12%2.45K24/05 
 Nikko Australia REIT15552,245.0-1.92%2.38K24/05 
 NZAM S&P/JPX Carbon Efficient Index2567362.1-1.25%2.35K24/05 
 iFreeETF S&P500 Inverse22387,550.0+1.21%2.34K24/05 
 iFreeETF S&P500 (NON HEDGED)224715,555.0-1.05%2.31K24/05 
 iShares USD Emerging Markets Bond JPY Hedged26221,758.0-0.62%2.26K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund US Equity (Dow Average) No Curre22352,677.0-1.44%2.17K24/05 
 iFreeETF NASDAQ100 Inverse284219,830.0+1.28%2.05K24/05 
 Nomura Nikkei 300 Listed1319498.5+2.38%2.00K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Electric Power & Gas162710,075.0+0.30%1.95K24/05 
 iShares JPX-Nikkei 400136425,995.0-0.38%1.93K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund J-REIT (Tokyo Stock Exchange REI25521,889.0-0.32%1.74K24/05 
 WisdomTree Nickel16942,914.0+0.99%1.62K24/05 
 iShares Japan Green REIT2852173.9+0.40%1.57K24/05 
 WisdomTree Soybeans16974,660.00.00%1.56K24/05 
 iShares Ginnie Mae MBS JPY Hedged2649622.4-0.35%1.43K24/05 
 WisdomTree Energy1685590.8-0.45%1.35K24/05 
 iFreeETF S&P500 Double Inverse (-2x)224920,920.0+2.47%1.32K24/05 
 iShares Germany Government Bond JPY Hedged2857678.2-0.37%1.30K24/05 
 MAXIS JPX-Nikkei 400159326,045.0-0.06%1.28K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES DJIA Price Return JPY Monthly Hedged Le204028,625.0-1.46%1.23K24/05 
 iFreeETF S&P500 Leveraged (2x)223774,160.0-2.45%1.20K24/05 
 TSE REIT Inverse2094981.0+0.31%1.19K24/05 
 iFreeETF NASDAQ100 (JPY HEDGED)284111,690.0-1.39%1.19K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund JPX-Nikkei 40015922,316.0-0.64%1.18K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Banks163118,160.0+0.22%1.16K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Comm & Wholesale Trd162993,400.0-0.47%1.12K24/05 
 Investor-Management Unite as One20821,034.0-0.86%1.09K24/05 
 Nochu NZAM TOPIX25242,826.5+0.61%1.01K24/05 
 Daiwa Japan JPX Nikkei 400 Dbl Inv1466692.0+0.29%0.94K24/05 
 AMOne One JPX/S&P CAPEX & Human Capital Index14842,794.0-0.25%0.93K24/05 
 Global X Office J-REIT2096934.0-0.43%0.89K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 ElecAppl & Precision162538,520.0-1.00%0.86K24/05 
 SMDS SMDAM NIKKEI225139738,970.0-1.39%0.84K24/05 
 Global X Nikkei 225 Covered Call (option premium r28581,243.0-0.40%0.82K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS International Equity MSCI-KOKUSAI Yen-H25141,567.0-1.07%0.80K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Tranport & Logistics162818,535.0-0.08%0.79K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS EURO STOXX 50 (Yen-Hedged) Exchange Tra28592,694.5-0.59%0.78K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Bloomberg Barclays US Intermediate Corp2554799.2-0.27%0.77K24/05 
 iShares MSCI Japan Minimum Volatility ex-REITs14772,546.0-0.12%0.76K24/05 
 SMT Japan Equity Income Strategy Active170A1,964.0-0.56%0.73K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Real Estate163339,260.0-1.03%0.70K24/05 
 Global X Morningstar Japan High Dividend ESG28494,135.0-0.48%0.69K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS JPX-Nikkei Index 400159125,080.0-0.36%0.66K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund US Bond (No Currency Hedge)148624,170.0-0.02%0.64K24/05 
 Global X Green J-REIT2855889.0-0.22%0.64K24/05 
 Global X Japan Leisure & Entertainment26452,024.0-0.74%0.61K24/05 
 iShares Euro Investment Grade Corporate Bond JPY H26232,055.0-0.34%0.61K24/05 
 Daiwa Japan TOPIX Inverse14573,150.0+0.32%0.61K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Emerging Market Equity MSCI-EM (Unhedge25201,525.0-1.23%0.61K24/05 
 Mitsubishi Japan Physical Palladium154345,500.0-1.37%0.58K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund Japanese Economy Contributor Sto14812,875.0-1.27%0.57K24/05 
 Daiwa ETF TOPIX Ex-Financials15851,908.0-0.13%0.57K24/05 
 Global X Japan Metal Business26461,949.0-0.66%0.56K24/05 
 Global X Digital Innovation Japan26262,134.0-0.65%0.50K24/05 
 Daiwa MSCI Japan Empowering Women 16523,223.0+0.28%0.50K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Auto & Transp Equip162235,870.0-0.33%0.46K24/05 
 Global X E-Commerce Japan26271,212.0-0.33%0.45K24/05 
 WisdomTree Industrial Metals16862,661.5+1.56%0.44K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund China A Share CSI30013227,986.0-2.02%0.43K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Net Total 204429,100.0-1.61%0.43K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund Australian Government Bond (No C28445,373.0-0.65%0.40K24/05 
 One ETF Southern China A-Share CSI 50025531,530.5-1.86%0.37K24/05 
 Global X Autonomous & EV28671,205.0-1.55%0.37K24/05 
 Global X Logistics REIT28641,341.0-1.32%0.36K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Financials (ExBanks)163226,705.0-0.71%0.36K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI15605,240.0+0.77%0.35K24/05 
 iShares MSCI Japan Climate Action2250239.0-0.04%0.34K24/05 
 MAXIS US Treasury Bond 7-10 Year (JPY Hedged)28395,445.0-0.46%0.33K24/05 
 Global X Residential J-REIT20971,022.0+0.10%0.32K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS S&P US Equity and Bond Balance Conserva28631,885.0-0.58%0.31K24/05 
 Daiwa Japan JPX Nikkei 400 Leverage146431,410.0-0.60%0.30K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund TOPIX Ex-Financials15862,220.0-0.05%0.30K24/05 
 One High Dividend Japan Equity149430,510.0-0.16%0.30K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund Asian REIT149510,180.0-0.24%0.28K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund Emerging Bond (Barclays Local EM156650,770.0-0.02%0.26K24/05 
 WisdomTree WTI Crude Oil16901,558.5+0.03%0.26K24/05 
 Global X Hotel & Retail J-REIT20981,031.0+0.10%0.26K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 IT and Services162633,500.0-0.48%0.25K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Energy Resources161822,665.0-1.03%0.24K24/05 
 Nochu NZAM Nikkei 225252539,370.0-1.13%0.21K24/05 
 WisdomTree Physical Platinum167414,805.0-0.80%0.21K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund France Government Bond (No Curre28615,508.0-0.20%0.21K24/05 
 Daiwa Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Core Index25281,059.0-0.33%0.20K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Steel and Nonferrous162327,380.0+0.29%0.18K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Bloomberg US Treasury Bond (7-10 year) 26483,680.0-0.27%0.14K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Retail Trade163028,525.0-0.33%0.14K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Pharmaceutical162127,885.0+0.22%0.14K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES HSI Short20329,200.0+1.98%0.13K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES F-KOSPI 200 Inverse20347,681.0+0.09%0.12K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Bloomberg Germany Treasury Bond (7-10 y2245766.8-0.23%0.12K24/05 
 Global X Japan Bio & Med Tech26391,595.0-1.18%0.12K24/05 
 Global X CleanTech ESG Japan26371,690.0-0.41%0.11K24/05 
 One JPX-Nikkei Mid Small149319,620.0-1.06%0.11K24/05 
 Simple-X NY Dow Jones Index167951,460.0-0.94%0.11K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Foods161738,790.0-0.28%0.10K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Raw Mat & Chemicals162031,000.0+0.13%0.10K24/05 
 Global X Japan Mid & Small Cap Leaders ESG28372,153.0-1.10%0.09K24/05 
 DIAM JPX Nikkei 400147425,495.0-0.53%0.09K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Construct & Material161930,600.0-0.13%0.08K24/05 
 Nikko MSCI JP Eq High Div Low Vol13992,181.5-0.18%0.08K24/05 
 iFreeETF US Treasury Bond 7-10 Year (Non Hedged)20152,077.0-0.24%0.08K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 Machinery162460,050.0-1.09%0.07K24/05 
 Listed Index Fund International Bond (Citi WGBI) M167757,000.0-0.35%0.07K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS S&P 500 ESG Index Exchange Traded Fund26353,980.0-0.90%0.07K24/05 
 Daiwa Japan JPX Nikkei 400 Inverse14653,030.0+0.33%0.07K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Thai Stock SET5015593,240.0+0.62%0.07K24/05 
 Daiwa ETF JPX-Nikkei 400159925,665.0+0.25%0.06K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Bloomberg France Treasury Bond (7-10 ye2246771.8-0.45%0.06K24/05 
 iFreeETF S&P500 (JPY HEDGED)224841,700.0-1.28%0.06K24/05 
 MAXIS US Treasury Bond 7-10 Year (Unhedged)28388,517.0-0.11%0.05K24/05 
 Global X Japan New Growth Infrastructure28471,853.0-0.32%0.05K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES KOSPI 200 Leverage203314,250.0-5.09%0.05K24/05 
 Nomura SSE50130941,950.0+0.17%0.05K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Nomura Japan Equity High204830,580.0-0.03%0.04K24/05 
 iShares MSCI Japan SRI2851269.7+1.31%0.04K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS MSCI Japan Empowering Women Select25181,544.0-0.45%0.03K24/05 
 Listed Tracers US Government Bond 0-2years Ladder 20935,189.0+0.14%0.03K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Niche Top Mid Small Cap Japan Equity Ne205018,630.0-0.80%0.03K24/05 
 WisdomTree Gasoline16918,505.0+0.06%0.02K24/05 
 MAXIS Japan Equity High Dividend 70 Market Neutral14999,509.0+0.20%0.02K24/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Bloomberg US Treasury Bond (7-10 year) 26475,730.00.00%0.02K24/05 
 iShares Climate Risk-Adjusted Global ex Japan Gove2853668.2-0.27%0.02K24/05 
 iFreeETF US Treasury Bond 7-10 Year (JPY Hedged)20161,917.0-0.52%0.02K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Stoxx Asean Five Select Dividend 50 Net204319,180.0+0.29%0.02K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES S&P Singapore REIT Net Total Return204516,325.0+0.18%0.02K24/05 
 Global X MSCI Governance-Quality Japan26363,380.0-0.59%0.02K24/05 
 iShares JPX/S&P CAPEX & Human Capital14832,764.0-0.40%0.02K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Nifty Total Return Daily Inverse20473,895.0-1.52%0.01K24/05 
 MAXIS Carbon Efficient Japan Equity256036,040.0-1.58%0.01K24/05 
 AM-One ESG149821,990.0-0.23%0.01K24/05 
 ABF Pan Asia Bond134916,530.00.00%0.01K24/05 
 iFreeETF China GBA10026292,565.0-1.38%0.01K24/05 
 MUKAM MAXIS HuaAn China Equity SSE 180253013,890.0-2.53%0.01K24/05 
 Global X MSCI Japan Climate Change28482,072.0+0.29%0.01K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES Japan Equity Low Beta Select 50 Net Tot206917,695.0-1.01%0.00K24/05 
 Nochu NZAM JPX-Nikkei400252625,620.0+0.43%0.00K24/05 
 iFreeETF 10-Year U.S. Treasury Note Futures Invers140A2,020.0+0.25%0.00K24/05 
 NEXT NOTES AI Companies 70 Net Total Return206719,650.0+0.03%0.00K24/05 
 SMT Carbon Efficient Index Japan Equity264236,490.0-0.57%0.00K24/05 
 NZAM ETF TOPIX Ex-Financials15962,214.00.00%015/05 
 Listed Fund MSCI Japan Equity High Dividend Low Vo14907,621.00.00%026/04 
 NEXT FUNDS Russia RTS Linked132488.60.00%001/01 
 NEXT NOTES Japan Equity High Beta Select 30 Net To206823,345.00.00%022/05 
 WisdomTree Broad Commodities16841,816.50.00%023/05 
 MAXIS US Treasury Bond 20+ Year (JPY Hedged)183A519.80.00%023/05 
 MAXIS US Treasury Bond 1-3 Year (Unhedged)181A502.80.00%023/05 
 Daiwa MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders16533,522.00.00%023/05 
 Daiwa FTSE Blossom Japan16542,214.00.00%023/05 
 NZAM US Treasury 7-10Y (JPY Hedged)20904,937.00.00%007/05 
 NZAM DAX (JPY Hedged)20892,245.00.00%030/04 
 NEXT FUNDS MSCI Japan Country ESG Leaders Index Ex26432,841.00.00%022/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Nomura Enterprise Value Allocation Inde148027,820.00.00%022/05 
 Daiwa MSCI Japan Human and Physical Investment Ind147936,200.00.00%023/05 
 iShares 7-10 Year France Government Bond JPY Hedge2259199.70.00%023/05 
 MAXIS JAPAN Proactive Investment in Physical and H148539,000.00.00%023/05 
 NEXT FUNDS Solactive Japan ESG Core Index Exchange28502,770.50.00%023/05 
 Listed Index Fund France Government Bond (Currency28624,244.00.00%023/05 
 NZAM S&P500 (JPY Hedged)20862,318.50.00%021/05 
 NZAM France Government Bond 7-10Y (JPY Hedged)20925,089.00.00%008/04 
 NZAM NY Dow30 (JPY Hedged)20882,216.50.00%021/05 
 NZAM German Government Bond 7-10Y (JPY Hedged)20914,977.00.00%022/05 
 NZAM NASDAQ100 (JPY Hedged)20872,402.50.00%023/05 
 MAXIS TOPIX Ex-Financials25232,347.00.00%023/05 
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