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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Fubon S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures00677U3.18-5.07%225.74M07:30:00 
 Yuanta Daily Taiwan 50 Bear -1X00632R6.16-1.44%122.45M07:30:00 
 Paradigm S&P GSCI Brent Crude 2X Leveraged ER Futu00715L7.09+6.14%114.04M07:30:00 
 Yuanta Daily CSI 300 Bull 2X00637L31.50+1.71%65.12M07:30:00 
 Yuanta SP GSCI Crude Oil ER Future00642U10.75+3.37%41.90M07:30:00 
 Cathay Taiwan 5G Plus0088117.95+0.90%39.63M07:30:00 
 Yuanta P shares Taiwan Div Plus005632.01+0.66%11.56M07:30:00 
 Fubon SSE180 Leveraged 2X00633L79.70+1.40%10.40M07:30:00 
 Yuanta P shares Taiwan Top 500050137.55+0.81%10.37M07:30:00 
 Cathay Sustainability High Dividend0087817.43+1.22%7.71M07:30:00 
 Yuanta Daily Taiwan 50 Bull 2X00631L114.25+2.56%4.91M07:30:00 
 Cathay TAIEX Daily Inversed00664R7.00-1.13%4.13M06:30:00 
 Yuanta / P-shares SSE5000620641.66+0.46%3.44M06:30:00 
 Yuanta Daily CSI 300 Bear -1X00638R7.30-0.95%3.19M06:24:00 
 Cathay TIP TAIEX+ Low Volatility Select 300070121.76+1.40%3.17M07:30:00 
 Fubon SZSE 1000063917.72-0.06%2.85M07:30:00 
 Fuh Hwa FTSE Mortgage REITs0071213.64+3.18%2.82M07:30:00 
 Yuanta S&P GSCI Gold 2X Leveraged ER Futures00708L26.87-1.21%2.79M07:30:00 
 CTBC China 500075233.58+0.42%2.31M07:30:00 
 Fubon NASDAQ 1000066247.52+0.87%2.27M06:30:00 
 Yuanta DJCI Silver ER Futures00738U29.18+1.43%2.26M07:30:00 
 Fuh Hwa Daily Hang Seng Leveraged 2X00650L33.37+2.42%2.06M06:30:00 
 Yuanta S&P US Dollar 2x Leverage ER Futures00683L16.45-0.42%2.01M07:30:00 
 Fubon TWSE Corporate Governance 1000069234.38+0.91%1.99M07:30:00 
 Cathay PHLX Semiconductor0083027.77+2.81%1.93M07:30:00 
 Fubon FTSE TWSE Taiwan 5000620879.10+1.02%1.84M07:30:00 
 Paradigm S&P GSCI Soybeans ER Futures00693U21.80+1.30%1.83M07:30:00 
 Cathay DJIA Lev 2X00852L17.85+3.84%1.63M07:30:00 
 Fubon Nifty 2X Leveraged00653L37.35+4.68%1.63M07:30:00 
 Yuanta S&P 5000064633.32+1.34%1.42M06:30:00 
 Yuanta FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG0085032.99+1.23%1.41M07:30:00 
 Cathay FTSE China A500063629.58+0.78%1.33M07:30:00 
 Fubon SSE18000620540.85+0.69%1.30M06:30:00 
 Fubon Taiwan Technology0052131.55+1.19%1.25M07:30:00 
 Fubon NASDAQ-100 2X Leveraged Index00670L87.35+3.50%1.20M06:30:00 
 UPAMC NYSE FANG+0075749.35+0.71%1.18M07:30:00 
 Yuanta U.S. Treasury 20+ Year Bond00679B40.04-0.65%1.17M06:30:00 
 Paradigm DowJones Copper ER Futures00763U28.45+4.10%1.13M06:30:00 
 Yuanta SP GSCI Gold ER Futures00635U24.24-0.66%1.08M06:30:00 
 Taishin J.P.Morgan Emerging Markets IG Bond00734B19.65-0.51%1.00M06:18:00 
 Yuanta Global NextGen Communications0086127.76+0.95%949.64K07:30:00 
 Fubon S&P US Preferred Stock0071716.43-0.12%934.45K07:30:00 
 Fubon SSE180 Inversed00634R3.65-1.35%924.00K06:30:00 
 CTBC China 50 2X00753L47.23+2.45%903.10K06:30:00 
 Fubon TOPIX Leveraged 2X00640L27.90+1.97%881.05K06:30:00 
 Capital SZSE SME Price0064319.44-0.31%869.23K06:30:00 
 Cathay US Treasury 20+ YR Inv 1X00689R14.69+1.59%727.00K06:22:00 
 CTBC BBB USD Crp 10+Y High Grd Capd00772B43.27-0.44%716.00K06:30:00 
 Fubon China CSI 500 Index0078322.20-0.58%673.42K06:30:00 
 FSITC Taiwan Industry Elite 300072828.19+0.39%645.89K07:30:00 
 Fubon Dow Jones Taiwan High-Quality Dividend 300073020.08+0.80%614.56K06:30:00 
 Fuh Hwa CSI 300 A Shares00620732.81+0.49%594.33K06:30:00 
 Fuh Hwa Daily Hang Seng Inversed00651R6.67-1.48%505.00K06:30:00 
 Yuanta US 20+ Year AAA-A Corporate Bond00751B43.09-0.87%480.00K06:30:00 
 Fuh Hwa 1-5 High Yield00710B18.46-0.05%429.07K06:30:00 
 Fubon 20 +Years US Treasury Bond00696B41.55-1.66%417.00K06:30:00 
 Cathay Nasdaq A.I. & Robotics0073734.16+2.00%402.75K06:30:00 
 CTBC U.S. Treasury 20+ Year Bond00795B39.97-1.94%389.00K06:22:00 
 Yuanta STOXX Global Artificial Intelligence0076238.20+1.57%373.53K07:30:00 
 Capital Dow Jones US Real Estate0071419.31+0.89%323.00K06:30:00 
 Yuanta MSCI China A0073929.45-0.03%316.95K07:30:00 
 W.I.S.E. Yuanta/P-shares CSI 300006125.28+0.32%314.04K07:30:00 
 Fubon NIFTY -1 Inverse00654R9.51-3.16%310.00K07:30:00 
 Fuh Hwa FTSE Taiwan High Div Low Vol0073151.40+1.28%308.12K06:30:00 
 Yuanta US 15+ Year Emerging Markets Sovereign Bond00870B37.60-0.63%293.00K06:24:00 
 CTBC US High Grade Municipal Bond00847B34.33-1.32%262.00K06:22:00 
 Fubon Taiwan Small-Mid Cap Alpha Momentum 500073329.97+2.46%260.26K06:30:00 
 Yuanta US 20+ Year BBB Corporate Bond00720B42.50-0.49%249.00K06:30:00 
 CTBC BBB Banking Senior 10+Y00773B44.05-0.88%246.00K06:30:00 
 Fubon Hang Seng H-Share Leveraged00665L29.40+3.48%240.00K06:30:00 
 CTBC US 20+ Year BBB Corporate Bond00862B38.01-0.76%232.00K05:54:00 
 Cathay US Treasury 20+ YR00687B41.52-1.98%215.00K06:30:00 
 Yuanta P shares MSCI Taiwan Fin005518.60+1.64%209.05K06:30:00 
 Yuanta S&P US Dollar ER Futures00682U17.86-0.17%201.06K06:30:00 
 Fubon TOPIX Inverse -1X00641R10.95-1.44%191.00K06:17:00 
 Cathay High Yield ex China Cash pay 1-5 Year 2% Is00727B37.68-0.16%183.00K06:02:00 
 Fubon NIFTY0065225.86+2.42%166.63K06:30:00 
 Capital ICE 15+ Year Us Utility00755B42.45-0.82%165.00K06:30:00 
 Fubon Hang Seng H-Share0070020.75+1.02%165.00K06:10:00 
 SinoPac STOXXUSA 5000085825.34+1.69%164.00K06:30:00 
 Capital ICE 25+ Year US Treasury00764B41.27-1.76%157.00K06:30:00 
 Cathay BBB Corporate bond ex China Coupon 4.5%10Yr00725B42.45-0.82%149.00K06:30:00 
 Capital Taiex Daily Inversed -1X00686R4.16-1.19%148.00K06:18:00 
 Capital BofA Merrill Lynch 10+ Year US Banking 00724B41.07-0.80%148.00K06:19:00 
 Cathay US Treasury 20+ YR Lev 2X00688L22.81-3.35%144.00K06:14:00 
 Yuanta US 10+ Investment Grade Healthcare Bond00787B41.86-0.69%140.00K06:30:00 
 Sinopac ICE 10+ Year Core Large Cap Single-A US Co00836B38.63-1.38%140.00K05:41:00 
 Mega Taiwan Blue Chip 300069031.81+0.82%138.99K06:30:00 
 Yuanta S&P U.S. High Yield Preferred Stock0077118.68-0.32%135.32K06:30:00 
 Fubon 7-10 Years US Treasury Bond00695B37.45-0.40%133.00K06:30:00 
 Fubon 1-5 Years US High Yield Bond Ex China00741B37.30-0.05%129.00K06:16:00 
 Yuanta EURO STOXX 500066026.29+0.96%128.00K06:09:00 
 Fubon TOPIX0064525.21+1.20%127.55K06:16:00 
 Fubon 9-35 Years US Corporate Bond A00746B43.34-0.78%126.00K06:17:00 
 Capital BofA Merrill Lynch 15+ Year US Telecommuni00722B44.42-0.58%126.00K06:19:00 
 Taishin MSCI China0070328.11+1.55%124.00K06:22:00 
 Fuh Hwa EM 10+ Bond00711B20.20-0.83%123.42K06:30:00 
 Yuanta US 10+ Investment Grade Bank Bond00786B40.49-0.74%122.00K05:40:00 
 Fubon 10+ Years US Corporate Bond BBB Ex China00740B46.00-0.22%120.00K06:16:00 
 Capital ICE 15+ Year AAA-AA US Corporate00754B43.54-1.05%120.00K05:43:00 
 Cathay US Corp A- Above 10+ Yr00761B44.41-0.91%117.00K04:58:00 
 Cathay FTSE Emerging Market0073624.11+1.09%115.00K06:05:00 
 Capital ICE International 15+ Year Us Emerging Mar00756B43.96-0.57%112.00K06:23:00 
 Fuh Hwa US Treasury 20+ Year00768B66.05-1.78%111.00K05:02:00 
 Capital BofA Merrill Lynch 15+ Year US Technology 00723B41.01-1.13%111.00K06:23:00 
 Yuanta China Treasury + Policy Bank 3-5 Year Bond00721B44.35+0.32%110.00K05:45:00 
 CTBC 0-1 Year US Treasury Bond00864B36.63-0.08%110.00K05:04:00 
 Capital Ice 15+ Year Single-A Us Corporate00792B41.30-0.79%108.00K06:17:00 
 Cathay 15+ Yr Healthcare Bond00799B40.29-1.18%108.00K06:10:00 
 Fuh Hwa Emerging Market Credit Bond00760B65.15-0.53%106.00K05:53:00 
 CTBC US 10+ Year Telecommunications Bond00863B38.33-0.62%106.00K05:03:00 
 Fuh Hwa 20+ Year A3 or Better Corporate Bond00789B62.70-0.63%105.00K05:36:00 
 Cathay EM USD Investment Grade ex China Coupon 5.500726B42.05-0.24%105.00K05:08:00 
 Fubon Emerging Market USD Investment Grade Bond00845B37.10-0.43%105.00K05:05:00 
 KGI 20+ Year AAA-AA US Large Cap Corporate Bond00841B38.18-0.96%105.00K05:12:00 
 Capital Ice BofAML 0-1 Year US Treasury00859B36.030.00%105.00K06:11:00 
 Fubon FTSE World Broad Invest-Grade USD Bank 10+ Y00785B42.18-0.31%104.00K06:17:00 
 SinoPac ICE 1-3 Year US Treasury00856B36.45-0.22%103.00K04:16:00 
 CTBC 0-5 Year AAA-BB EM USD Government Bond ex-14400849B36.72-0.11%103.00K05:03:00 
 Fubon 7-15 Years Europe USD Banking00846B37.82-0.29%103.00K05:05:00 
 Fuh Hwa 1-5 Year USD Credit Select Bond00791B56.10-0.09%103.00K06:30:00 
 KGI 15+ Years AAA -A US Corporate Bond00777B42.30-0.82%102.00K05:09:00 
 Fubon FTSE Asian Broad Bond Index- China Investmen00784B37.57-0.61%102.00K06:17:00 
 Cathay FTSE Chinese Policy Bank Bond 5+ Years00744B40.78-0.12%101.00K04:40:00 
 SinoPac ICE 20+ Year US Treasury00857B35.70-1.73%101.00K05:30:00 
 Capital Ice 15+ Year AAA-A Us Healthcare00793B41.03-0.29%101.00K05:27:00 
 KGI 25+ Years US Treasury Bond00779B42.07-1.54%100.00K05:11:00 
 Capital Ice 1-5 Year US Corporate00860B37.31-0.13%100.00K05:28:00 
 Fuh Hwa 8+ Year Financial Subordinate Bond00790B62.95-0.32%100.00K05:26:00 
 Cathay Bloomberg Barclays 7-10 Year Banking Bond S00780B40.60-0.54%100.00K05:09:00 
 KGI 15+ Year US Investment Grade Corporate Select 00840B38.26-0.80%100.00K05:12:00 
 CTBC Emerging Asia (ex China) USD Select Bond00848B37.64-0.34%100.00K05:03:00 
 KGI 15+ Year US Healthcare and Pharma Bond00839B40.40-0.76%100.00K05:11:00 
 Cathay Bloomberg Barclays 15+ Year Technology Bond00781B41.90-1.06%100.00K04:21:00 
 Cathay Bloomberg Barclays 15+ Year Utility Bond Se00782B41.25-1.22%100.00K05:09:00 
 FSITC Bloomberg Barclays US Corporate 10+ Year Ban00834B41.85-0.74%100.00K05:08:00 
 Taishin Bloomberg US Banking Index 15+ Year00842B39.83-0.95%100.00K05:07:00 
 Sinopac ICE 7-10 Year China Policy Bank Bond00838B38.12-0.05%100.00K04:16:00 
 Taishin Bloomberg China Policy Bank 5+ Year00843B38.360.00%100.00K05:07:00 
 KGI 10+ Year USD Technology Bond00750B42.58-0.75%100.00K05:09:00 
 KGI 20+Years US Banking Bond00778B44.10-0.54%100.00K05:10:00 
 Cathay Bloomberg Barclays US Short Term Treasury E00865B36.60-0.14%100.00K05:10:00 
 KGI 10+Year Emerging Market USD Investment Grade B00749B42.88-0.65%100.00K05:08:00 
 Fubon China Policy Bank Bond 0-100745B40.050.00%100.00K06:16:00 
 Yuanta U.S. Treasury 1-3 Year Bond00719B30.10-0.03%100.00K05:45:00 
 Cathay FTSE Chinese Government and Policy Bank Bon0073239.280.00%100.00K05:09:00 
 Capital ICE 0-10 Year China Policy Bank00765B39.54-0.15%100.00K05:47:00 
 Cathay S&P North American Technology Sector0077033.59+1.79%99.34K06:11:00 
 Fubon FTSE Developed Europe0070921.95+0.69%97.58K05:13:00 
 Fubon Hang Seng H-Share Inverse00666R10.30-2.18%94.00K06:09:00 
 Shin Kong Domestic Demand High Dividend0074220.75+0.14%72.44K06:24:00 
 Yuanta Taiwan High Dividend Low Volatility0071336.45+1.39%70.49K07:30:00 
 Yuanta US 10+ Investment Grade Utility Electric Po00788B39.51-1.05%67.00K06:30:00 
 Cathay FTSE China A1500074330.71+1.02%65.64K05:42:00 
 Cathay Korea/taiwan IT Premier0073534.55+1.92%60.10K06:30:00 
 Fubon Big Apple Total Return Index0200007.76-0.77%56.00K05:30:00 
 Cathay S&P 500 Low Volatility High Dividend0070218.50+1.48%55.30K06:30:00 
 Yuanta S&P Japanese Yen 2x Leverage ER Futures00706L17.31-0.80%54.00K06:23:00 
 Fubon MSCI Taiwan005792.30+0.87%43.06K06:30:00 
 MEGA IT Elite 30 Total Return02000433.17-0.81%43.00K04:49:00 
 Taishin Global AI0085129.89+1.63%32.14K06:30:00 
 Yuanta P shares SP Custom China 50005430.78+0.92%29.00K06:18:00 
 Yuanta P shares Taiwan Mid Cap 100005147.65+1.17%22.08K04:21:00 
 Yuanta Taiwan PrefStock Mix HiDiv2002000811.50+0.61%18.00K06:23:00 
 Yuanta S&P US Dollar 1x Inverse ER Futures00684R19.540.00%17.00K06:07:00 
 Shin Kong 15 Years USD Banking Bond00844B39.31-0.88%13.00K05:33:00 
 Yuanta P shares Taiwan Electronics005367.55+0.82%8.03K06:21:00 
 SinoPac Taiwan Weighted Tracker00620482.00+0.61%7.00K06:30:00 
 Capital Taiex Daily Leveraged 2X00685L37.87+1.88%4.00K06:20:00 
 Shin Kong FTSE 15 Years Investment Grade USD Corpo00775B41.10-1.32%3.08K06:30:00 
 Shin Kong ICE 15+ Year US Telecommunications Index00867B37.90-0.99%3.00K04:17:00 
 Shin Kong 10 Yr China Treas Pol Bank Green Bd00774B38.60+0.60%2.00K05:06:00 
 Yuanta P shares MSCI Taiwan00620364.20+0.78%1.62K02:34:00 
 UPAMC 10Y+ Aa-A USD Senior Corporate Bond00853B35.20-0.03%1.00K04:01:00 
 Yuanta S&P Japanese Yen 1x Inverse ER Futures00707R19.15+0.31%1.00K03:04:00 
 W.I.S.E. - SSE 50 China Tracker008201136.10-0.29%0.30K03:28:00 
 Cathay Dow Jones Industrial Average00668K11.53+1.68%0.10K05:08:00 
 Cathay FTSE China A5000636K10.66+0.95%0.10K05:08:00 
 Cathay Nikkei 22500657K13.24+0.91%0.10K05:08:00 
 Yuanta Nikkei 2250066137.270.00%023/02 
 Cathay Chinese USD IG Bond 7+00798B42.650.00%013/07 
 Sinopac ICE 15+ Year Core A-BBB US Insurance & Fin00837B37.640.00%029/06 
 Shin Kong Shiller Barclays CAPE US Sector Value0086621.84+0.00%007/01 
 Fubon Global USD 10+ Years Energy IG Bond00855B38.60+0.00%001/12 
 Fubon Global USD 10+ Years Insurance IG Bond00854B41.86+0.00%001/12 
 Shin Kong NYSE US Core Large Cap0077620.780.00%017/07 
 Yuanta S&P GSCI Crude Oil 2x Leveraged ER Futures 00672L0.750.00%012/11 
 MasterLink SP China New Sector02000222.220.00%024/02 
 FSITC Bloomberg Barclays US Corporate 10+ Year Tec00835B45.16+0.00%022/06 
 Hua Nan TIP TWSM 300 TR02000624.57+0.00%016/11 
 KGI Taiwan 500 Total Return Index02000731.520.00%019/02 
 Cathay Nikkei 2250065736.490.00%024/02 
 Mega Taiwan Blue Chip 30 Daily Inverse00691R10.460.00%023/11 
 FSITC Bloomberg Barclays US Treasury 20+00833B43.87+0.00%027/11 
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