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Liechtenstein - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 CAP Japan Equity Fund JPY I0P0000.18,792.000-1.79%7.13B04/03 
 CAP Japan Equity Fund JPY A0P0000.20,835.000-1.80%7.13B04/03 
 VP Bank Best Manager Pacific Equities B0P0000.120,330.000+0.02%1.72B30/03 
 LGT GIM Growth (USD) IM0P0000.20,782.980+1.28%945.57M01/03 
 HAM Global Convertible Bond Fund CHF-A Acc0P0000.2,017.620-1.16%883.66M03/03 
 LGT Strategy 3 Years EUR I10P0000.1,393.950-0.43%864.82M03/03 
 LGT Strategy 3 Years EUR B0P0000.1,823.570-0.44%864.82M03/03 
 LGT Select Equity Emerging Markets USD IM0P0000.2,589.340-3.26%863M04/03 
 LGT Select Equity Emerging Markets USD B0P0000.5,847.150-3.26%863M04/03 
 LGT Funds SICAV - LGT Sustainable Equity Fund Glob0P0000.2,558.260+0.49%842.66M04/03 
 LGT Funds SICAV - LGT Sustainable Equity Fund Glob0P0000.3,278.510-0.09%842.66M04/03 
 LGT Funds SICAV - LGT Sustainable Equity Fund Glob0P0000.4,187.550-0.08%842.66M04/03 
 LGT Funds SICAV - LGT Sustainable Equity Fund Glob0P0000.2,537.900-0.36%842.66M04/03 
 LGT Funds SICAV - LGT Sustainable Equity Fund Glob0P0000.2,746.370-0.36%842.66M04/03 
 LGT GIM Balanced (USD) IM0P0000.18,365.430+1.08%836.31M01/03 
 HAM Global Convertible Bond Fund EUR-A Acc0P0000.2,486.180-1.14%817.02M03/03 
 LLB QI Equities Global Passive USD0P0001.2,454.750-1.22%717.18M04/03 
 LGT Select Bond High Yield (USD) IM0P0000.2,580.530+0.15%484.32M04/03 
 LGT Select Bond High Yield (USD) B0P0000.2,920.820+0.14%484.32M04/03 
 LGT Alpha Indexing Fund CHF I10P0000.1,679.690-0.32%417.75M03/03 
 LGT Alpha Indexing Fund CHF B0P0000.1,681.380-0.32%417.75M03/03 
 LGT Alpha Indexing Fund CHF IM0P0001.1,380.620-0.32%417.75M03/03 
 Solitaire Global Bond Fund USD0P0001.156.100-0.26%314.92M04/03 
 LLB QI Equities Global Passive USD I20P0001.2,651.760-1.20%254.55M04/03 
 B&I Asian Real Estate Securities Fund B0P0000.196.970-0.83%242.34M04/03 
 B&I Asian Real Estate Securities Fund A0P0000.253.980-0.84%242.34M04/03 
 LLB Wandelanleihen LLB Acc0P0000.151.270-0.92%220.09M04/03 
 LLB Wandelanleihen H EUR0P0000.131.690-0.93%220.09M04/03 
 LGT Select Equity Asia/Pacific ex Japan USD I10P0000.1,595.390+0.94%169.64M04/02 
 B&I Pan-Asian Tot Ret Rel Est Sec Fd Acc0P0000.280.480-0.23%163.89M01/03 
 LLB Aktien Dividendenperlen Global CHF T0P0000.187.850-0.19%125.59M04/03 
 LLB Aktien Immobilien Global CHF LLB0P0000.94.600-0.16%122.82M04/03 
 Lumen Vietnam Fund -USD-0P0000.263.730-1.62%118.42M04/03 
 LGT Sustainable Bond Fund Global EUR IM0P0000.1,749.390-0.04%108.75M04/03 
 LGT Sustainable Bond Fund Global USD I10P0000.1,213.260-0.32%108.75M04/03 
 LGT Sustainable Bond Fund Global EUR l10P0000.1,478.650-0.05%108.75M04/03 
 LGT Bond Fund EMMA LC (EUR) IM0P0000.1,395.080+0.34%85.69M04/03 
 Chameleon Convertible Bond Fonds Glb-EUR-P-0P0000.203.500-1.31%68.39M04/03 
 WAM Strategy Portfolio B0P0000.3,030.130-3.80%61.8M26/02 
 SSF Emerging Markets Opportunities FoF P0P0000.162.070-0.09%50.9M04/03 
 CBR Privatinvest Fund Target EUR Acc0P0000.1,397.860-1.49%48.57M26/02 
 Mistral Value Fund USD P0P0000.1,697.260-1.24%48.31M04/03 
 Craton Capital Precious Metal B Inc0P0000.150.620-1.75%46.26M04/03 
 Craton Capital Precious Metal E0P0000.158.280-1.74%46.26M04/03 
 VP Bank Best Manager European Equities B0P0000.2,160.820+0.01%38.18M04/03 
 LLB Aktien Fit for Life CHF Acc0P0000.198.800-0.20%37.36M04/03 
 B&I Pacific Real Estate Securities Fund Acc0P0000.177.150-0.67%27.28M16/07 
 Stream Invest Acc0P0000.198.270-0.36%26.36M26/02 
 VP Bank Best Manager World Equities B0P0000.1,731.750-0.62%22.48M04/03 
 Dynatrend Fund Acc0P0000.1,457.450+1.95%22.33M02/03 
 Pro Strategy Fund EUR0P0000.142.600-0.01%20.73M28/02 
 Trend Performance I0P0001.139.490-1.82%19.55M04/03 
 Trend Performance R0P0001.134.120-1.82%19.55M04/03 
 Simplex Asian Select Acc0P0000.2,399.680-6.01%18M28/02 
 Albion Strategic Fund0P0000.2,105.900-0.05%17.44M04/03 
 Simplex European Select Acc0P0000.3,076.230-2.85%17.17M28/02 
 Dm Global Invest Acc0P0000.251.270+0.50%16.52M04/03 
 ASPOMA China Opportunities Fund P0P0000.166.990-3.22%16.26M04/03 
 ASPOMA China Opportunities Fund I0P0000.172.110-3.22%16.26M04/03 
 Ticaret Greater Turkey Fund Acc0P0000.766.850+0.82%11.68M04/03 
 B & P Vision-Q-Selection Europe0P0000.82.730-2.00%11.66M04/03 
 SafePort Gold & Silver Mining Fund Acc0P0000.114.190-9.70%11.33M04/03 
 Oak Tree Junior Mining & Explortion R Acc0P0000.127.980-6.43%9.6M02/03 
 AAE Global Strategy Fund0P0000.136.990+0.14%8.89M01/03 
 Premium Strategy 7 plus Fund0P0001.145.910+1.73%8.74M02/03 
 FMF CAPITAL FUNDLP6825.154.710+0.25%7.7M26/02 
 plant-a-tree fund EUR0P0000.2,868.870-3.79%7.26M26/02 
 COVAMOS Global Stock Fund K3 Acc0P0000.2,696.800-1.00%7.15M03/03 
 MAP Debt Fund USD0P0000.127.740+0.05%6.48M26/02 
 ICSG Premium World Fund Acc0P0000.81.940+1.22%5.21M17/02 
 IFAG Global Opportunities Fund P0P0000.58.460-2.65%3.89M26/02 
 VP Bank Best Manager Natural Resources Equities B0P0000.1,258.1500.00%1.86M29/03 
 VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN A0P0001.22.000-4.30%05/03 
 VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN A0P0001.26.891-2.91%05/03 
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