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 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Northern Trust World Custom ESG Equity Index UCITS0P0001.16.844+2.91%4.17B01/03 
 Werknemers Pensioen Mixfonds0P0001.82.371-0.49%3.56B26/02 
 NN Duurzaam Aandelen Fonds - P0P0000.53.160+2.72%3.61B02/03 
 Delta Lloyd Mix Fonds0P0000.13.980+1.38%1.35B02/03 
 ACTIAM Responsible Index Fund Equity - North Ameri0P0001.80.360+3.07%1.15B02/03 
 Robeco Customized Quant Emerging Market0P0001.180.180+2.45%2.2B01/03 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Euroland V Distribution0P0000.183.550+1.69%1.82B01/03 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Euroland W Capitalisation0P0000.248.520+1.69%1.82B01/03 
 NN Euro Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.36.340+0.44%1.56B02/03 
 ASN Duurzaam Aandelenfonds Inc0P0000.145.870+2.21%1.57B02/03 
 Delta Lloyd Rente Fonds A0P0000.15.270+0.33%951.23M02/03 
 Delta Lloyd Rente Fonds B Acc0P0001.16.160+0.44%951.23M01/03 
 ACTIAM Responsible Index Fund Equity - Europe0P0001.23.090+1.41%1.03B02/03 
 Delta Lloyd Equity Sustainable Global Fund0P0000.2,966.190+2.71%1.27B01/03 
 Northern Trust Developed Real Estate Index UCITS F0P0001.9.517+1.49%1.47B01/03 
 Northern Trust Europe Custom ESG Equity Index UCIT0P0001.11.731+2.03%1.08B01/03 
 BNP Paribas Obam N.V. Classic Inc0P0000.105.800+2.69%951.29M02/03 
 ASN Milieu & Waterfonds Inc0P0000.46.660+2.39%848.69M02/03 
 NN Global Fund - P0P0000.103.800+2.74%673.19M02/03 
 Delta Lloyd Investment Fund0P0000.15.180+2.85%640.36M02/03 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur V Distribution0P0000.54.360+0.65%616.01M01/03 
 ACTIAM Responsible Index Fund Equity - North Ameri0P0001.314,992.859+3.08%785.85M01/03 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur W Capitalisation0P0000.91.750+0.65%616.01M01/03 
 ACTIAM Duurzaam Idx. Aand. Pacific EUR0P0001.30.780-0.16%298.58M02/03 
 ASN Duurzaam Obligatiefonds0P0000.28.100+0.32%588.52M02/03 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign Bond Fund0P0000.1,605.410+0.49%642.63M01/03 
 Sustainable Europe Index Fund0P0000.144.830+1.89%538.73M02/03 
 NN Global Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.15.860+0.83%466.71M02/03 
 ACTIAM Duurzaam Index Aandelenfonds Wereld0P0001.40.880+2.43%519.62M02/03 
 Robeco ONE Neutraal0P0000.162.620+1.37%544.9M01/03 
 DPAM INVEST B Real Estate Europe V Distribution0P0000.336.920+1.68%447.18M01/03 
 DPAM INVEST B Real Estate Europe W Capitalisation0P0000.501.150+1.68%447.18M01/03 
 Henderson Horizon Pan European Property Equities F0P0000.49.190+0.33%63.31M02/03 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds Neutraal0P0001.60.640+1.25%411.32M02/03 
 SKAGEN Tellus B0P0001.10.451-0.09%382.42M02/03 
 SKAGEN Tellus A0P0000.12.318-0.09%360.84M02/03 
 Juno Selection FundLP6804.474.100-5.23%376.65M28/02 
 NN Global Real Estate Fund - P0P0000.82.420+1.30%387.37M02/03 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign XLT Bond Fund A0P0000.40.000+1.16%337.35M01/03 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign XLT Bond Fund0P0000.1,980.240+1.31%337.35M01/03 
 AEAM European Credit Fund Inc0P0000.7.151+0.39%313.03M01/03 
 Robeco ONE Offensief0P0000.183.530+1.84%400.25M01/03 
 Werknemers Pensioen Mixfonds Defensief0P0001.79.242-0.41%424.88M26/02 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds Zeer Offensief0P0001.72.760+2.21%317.31M02/03 
 NN Dynamic Mix Fund IV - P0P0000.40.470+2.20%315.63M02/03 
 NN Europe Fund - P0P0000.30.810+1.42%205.79M02/03 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds0P0000.100.990+1.27%266.38M02/03 
 ACTIAM Responsible Index Fund Equity - Europe - A0P0001.45.045+1.72%338.42M01/03 
 NN Dynamic Mix Fund III - P0P0000.38.420+2.02%255.59M02/03 
 Beleggingsfonds Hoofbosch0P0000.203.004-1.88%249.86M28/02 
 Northern Trust World Small Cap ESG Low Carbon Inde0P0001.13.426+3.13%418.24M01/03 
 Meesman Indexfonds Aandelen Wereldwijd0P0000.144.934-2.94%247.07M26/02 
 Quest Cleantech Fund B Acc0P0000.343.490+1.95%233.93M01/03 
 Robeco Global Conservative Equities Fund G EUR0P0001.117.780+1.77%179.11M01/03 
 NN First Class Obligatie Fonds - P0P0000.22.530+0.31%157.9M02/03 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Europe Small Caps W Capital0P0000.284.810+2.06%453.58M01/03 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds Offensief0P0001.67.570+1.78%202.21M02/03 
 ACTIAM Responsible Index Fund Equity - Pacific0P0001.128,428.711+2.63%241.63M01/03 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Europe Small Caps V Distrib0P0000.212.520+2.07%453.58M01/03 
 NN First Class Return Fund - N0P0000.191.100+2.08%185.87M01/03 
 Robeco Institutional Core Euro Government Bonds0P0001.124.770+0.60%187.49M01/03 
 Kempen European Property Fund N.V.0P0000.16.680+1.65%155.7M02/03 
 Robeco ONE Defensief0P0000.144.360+0.74%184.66M01/03 
 Delta Lloyd Sovereign LT Bond Fund0P0000.2,007.600+0.79%120.09M01/03 
 ASN Duurzaam Small & Midcap Fonds0P0000.50.700+1.00%166.27M02/03 
 AEAM Global High Yield Fund EUR Inc0P0000.13.320+0.60%153.09M02/03 
 NN Dynamic Mix Fund II - P0P0000.35.900+1.38%151.17M02/03 
 AEAM Core Eurozone Government Bond Fund0P0000.16.018+0.62%129.26M01/03 
 Hof Hoorneman Obligatie Fonds0P0000.36.460+0.11%123.38M02/03 
 Kempen Orange Fund N.V.0P0000.120.470+2.43%157.55M02/03 
 NN Dynamic Mix Fund V - P0P0000.40.800+2.72%123.67M02/03 
 Kempen Profielfonds 5LP6505.41.600-1.19%108.04M02/03 
 Optimix Wereld Aandelen Fonds0P0000.42.430+2.84%107.05M02/03 
 Optimix Mix Fund0P0000.35.030+1.33%101.15M02/03 
 DD Equity Fund A EUR0P0000.253.920+2.98%180.76M02/03 
 Meesman Indexfonds Aandelen Wereldwijd Totaal0P0001.58.677-3.25%113.9M26/02 
 Hof Hoorneman Income Fund0P0000.18.210+0.17%95.15M02/03 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds Defensief0P0001.55.990+0.83%87.67M02/03 
 AEAM Emerging Market Debt Fund EUR Inc0P0000.13.591+0.34%87.59M01/03 
 Kempen Profielfonds 3LP6505.39.860-0.82%84.47M02/03 
 Hof Hoorneman Global Fund0P0001.33.740+2.43%84.89M02/03 
 Add Value Fund N.V.0P0000.76.760+1.95%77.8M02/03 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Agrivalue V Distribution0P0000.164.050+2.37%117.37M01/03 
 Insinger de Beaufort European Mid Cap0P0001.95.310+1.78%74.9M02/03 
 DPAM INVEST B Equities Agrivalue W Capitalisation0P0000.190.350+2.37%117.37M01/03 
 Hof Hoorneman Value Fund0P0000.27.370+2.09%88.89M02/03 
 Kempen Profielfonds 2LP6505.38.190-0.18%77.6M02/03 
 Hof Hoorneman Phoenix Fund0P0000.29.400+0.07%69.09M02/03 
 Robeco US Conservative High Dividend Equities N.V.0P0001.41.960+2.57%80.1M01/03 
 Optimix Income Fund0P0000.34.010+0.68%68.66M02/03 
 AEAM European Bond Fund Inc0P0000.7.449+0.67%50.51M01/03 
 Kempen Profielfonds 4LP6505.40.770-0.66%59.29M02/03 
 Henderson Horizon European Growth Fund H1 EUR Inc0P0000.16.570+1.04%153.61K02/03 
 ASN Duurzaam Mixfonds Zeer Defensief0P0001.52.420+0.50%51.65M02/03 
 Meesman Indexfonds Aandelen Opkomende Landen0P0000.100.826-6.15%46.12M26/02 
 DPAM INVEST B Bonds Eur IG W Capitalisation0P0000.75.730+0.68%39.82M01/03 
 SNS Optimaal OranjeLP6823.26.850+1.21%50.23M02/03 
 Meesman Indexfonds Aandelen Europa0P0000.85.895-2.47%34.42M26/02 
 Hof Hoorneman China Value Fund0P0000.41.380+1.70%36.44M02/03 
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