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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 WisdomTree Natural GasNGAS0.0331-2.50%11.22M13:00:37 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ EM Bond AccJPEA4.98+0.37%5.69M09:39:11 
 WisdomTree Natural Gas 3x Daily Short3LGS2.15+6.17%2.76M13:12:33 
 iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF GBP (Dist)ISF739.40+1.14%1.72M13:20:52 
 WisdomTree S&P 500 3x Daily Short3USS0.508-5.58%1.72M13:05:01 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3 AccIBTA5.250.01%1.21M13:05:46 
 db x-trackers MSCI EM DR 1C UnhedgedXMME50.79+0.90%894.73K13:16:10 
 db x-trackers S&P 500 2x Inverse Daily UCITS 1CXT2D0.521-3.63%876.01K13:14:59 
 WisdomTree FTSE 100 3x Daily Short3UKS393.30-2.72%786.04K12:35:19 
 iShares $ TIPS 0-5 Dist Share ClassTIP55.230.01%777.90K13:18:32 
 iShares $ Corp Bond USDLQDE106.95-0.03%677.82K13:15:42 
 L&G FTSE 100 Super Short Strategy (Daily 2x) UCITSSUK2393.91-2.42%634.52K13:17:29 
 iShares Euro High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSIHYG92.13+0.38%631.67K13:15:36 
 WisdomTree DAX 30 3x Daily Short3DES1.17-2.70%464.04K12:14:33 
 Xtrackers MSCI UK ESG UCITS ETF Class 1D DIST GBPXASX373.05+0.80%452.36K12:50:51 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 20+yr UCITS ETF USD (Acc)DTLA5.39-0.30%442.81K13:08:32 
 iShares $ Short Duration Corp Bond AccSDIA5.390.03%385.44K13:01:39 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Health CareIUHC9.98+2.23%350.58K12:58:47 
 iShares S&P 500 USD EnergyISIUES7.71+1.82%343.12K13:10:01 
 iShares S&P 500 UCITS DistIUSA3,130.1+1.07%342.16K13:20:49 
 WisdomTree WheatWEAT1.2360+1.31%329.83K12:27:26 
 iShares S&P U.S. BanksBNKS5.36+2.39%253.01K13:02:58 
 Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS USD IncVUSA59.58+1.01%217.02K13:20:34 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Glencore Daily3SGL2.50-3.85%203.70K10:51:00 
 iShares $ High Yield Corp Bond Acc Share ClassIHYA5.690.16%201.01K09:56:17 
 iShares FTSE 250 UCITSISMIDD1,899.2+1.31%200.39K13:18:46 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA Value FactorIUVL8.48+2.01%195.22K13:20:46 
 db x-trackers FTSE 100 Short Daily UCITSXUKS300.18-1.15%191.95K13:06:16 
 iShares MSCI China A UCITS USDCNYA5.08+0.49%190.97K12:46:03 
 iShares Core Euro Corporate Bond UCITSIEAC121.85-0.06%190.21K13:02:29 
 iShares EUR High Yield Corp Bond UCITS AccISHIGH5.06+0.34%187.66K12:46:43 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA Size Factor UCITS ETF USD (AISIUSF712.00+1.43%169.36K13:17:13 
 iShares $ Corp Bond Acc Share ClassISLQDA5.50-0.07%165.05K13:19:07 
 iShares S&P 500 USD FinancialsIUFS9.31+2.10%153.70K13:20:41 
 iShares $ TIPS 0-5 Dist Share ClassTP05415.51-1.02%148.87K12:45:28 
 iShares Core MSCI World UCITS GBP Hedged (Dist)IWDG693.61+1.39%146.04K13:15:19 
 iShares Sust MSCI USA SRISUAS11.51+2.24%134.26K13:20:46 
 WisdomTree Silver 3x Daily Leveraged3SIL1.427+5.67%126.70K12:53:48 
 Lyxor UCITS S&P 500 D-USDLSPU40.53+1.90%119.09K13:17:16 
 iShares Sust MSCI USA SRISUUS915.25+1.36%110.97K13:05:55 
 Fidelity US Quality Income IncFUSI644.81+0.82%110.18K12:49:13 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS DistIDEM40.15+0.98%109.54K13:01:42 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA Momentum Factor UCITS USD AcIUMO9.47+1.57%108.32K12:58:49 
 iShares Core MSCI World UCITSIWDA74.96+1.82%97.70K13:20:19 
 iShares Automation & Robotics UCITS USD (Acc)RBOT9.99+2.04%97.41K13:05:10 
 iShares Global Clean Energy UCITSINRG873.44+1.90%96.06K13:20:51 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ Emerging Markets Bond UCITSIEMB88.70+0.33%90.01K12:48:10 
 iShares Core S&P 500 UCITSCSPX404.60+1.81%88.91K13:20:41 
 db x-trackers ShortDAX x2 Daily UCITS 1CXSD2130.38-1.38%87.49K12:25:53 
 iShares Physical GoldSGLN2,887.0+0.05%84.26K13:13:21 
 iShares MSCI Saudi Arabia Capped UCITS ETF USD (AcIKSA6.67-2.35%78.76K13:14:38 
 db x-trackers S&P 500 Inverse Daily UCITS 1CXSPS695.31-2.49%77.20K13:19:39 
 db x-trackers MSCI USA Financials DRXUFN23.96+2.02%76.28K12:41:55 
 HSBC MSCI China UCITSHMCH530.75-0.47%75.85K13:18:49 
 iShares UK Dividend UCITSIUKD774.20+1.63%75.16K13:17:26 
 iShares MSCI World SRI UCITS ETF EUR (Acc)ISSUSW8.56+0.88%74.99K13:00:33 
 iShares Global Corp Bond UCITS ETF GBP Hedged (DisCRHG4.650.07%74.15K12:54:02 
 iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITSEIMI30.33+1.07%71.56K13:20:27 
 iShares Automation & Robotics UCITS USD (Acc)RBTX794.42+1.05%68.76K13:03:42 
 iShares UK Property UCITSIUKP597.13+0.61%67.27K13:20:49 
 L&G DAX Daily 2x Short UCITSDES21.82-2.15%66.05K13:03:34 
 Vanguard FTSE 100 UCITS GBP IncVUKE33.16+1.25%65.92K13:20:36 
 iShares Emerging Markets Local Government Bond UCISEML35.75-0.13%65.87K11:42:35 
 Invesco US Treasury Bond 7-10 Year UCITS ETF USD DTREX39.370.00%64.92K13:11:26 
 iShares Physical GoldIGLN36.32+1.04%63.65K13:18:50 
 iShares Emerging Markets Local Government Bond UCIIEML45.08+1.10%62.32K13:13:16 
 WisdomTree AgricultureAIGA7.55+0.55%60.85K13:12:04 
 WisdomTree WTI Crude OilCRUD10.94+1.30%60.70K13:15:51 
 WisdomTree NASDAQ 100 3x Daily LeveragedQQQ382.4+4.93%60.58K13:17:59 
 iShares MSCI China A UCITS USDIASH404.20-0.17%59.98K13:14:36 
 WisdomTree Enhanced Commodity UCITS ETF - USDWCOG1,317.00-0.30%59.04K13:13:21 
 db x-trackers MSCI Philippines IM UCITS 1C DRXPHI1.653+0.18%57.69K12:03:58 
 WisdomTree S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures 2.25x DaVILX188.60-8.47%56.71K13:06:09 
 db x-trackers MSCI Philippines IM UCITS 1C DRXPHG130.70-0.91%55.59K09:25:14 
 Vanguard FTSE 250VMID31.32+1.31%50.74K13:19:12 
 iShares MSCI India UCITS ETF USD AccISNDIA6.89+1.07%50.69K13:00:54 
 iShares Ageing Population AccAGED6.36+2.38%49.58K12:17:04 
 iShares Core EUR Corp Bond AccIEAA4.88-0.11%49.51K13:10:19 
 iShares Core MSCI EM IMI UCITS ETF USD DistEIMU4.50+0.97%49.32K12:36:54 
 Xtrackers MSCI USA Banks UCITS ETF 1DXUFB1,594.60+1.43%49.21K12:00:02 
 UBS Bloomberg Barclays TIPS 10+ UCITS ETF Hdg A-diT10G1,327.00-0.22%47.00K13:10:06 
 iShares USD Treasury Bond 20+Yr DEIDTL4.40-0.28%46.01K13:18:41 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS USD IncVWRL82.70+0.81%43.26K13:17:55 
 WisdomTree CoffeeCOFF1.280.04%42.80K12:35:35 
 iShares Self-Driving EV and TechIBTG4.79-0.02%41.89K12:27:59 
 HSBC MSCI Turkey UCITSHTRY131.92+0.19%41.43K13:10:02 
 L&G Longer Dated All Commodities UCITSCOMF25.55+0.20%38.28K13:17:15 
 iShares $ High Yield Corp Bond UCITS GBP Hedged (DIHHG4.26+0.19%37.64K13:14:31 
 iShares S&P Gold Producers UCITSSPGPG1,113.40+1.26%37.32K13:18:04 
 iShares $ Ultrashort Bond UCITS USD AccERNA5.28-0.02%36.46K10:27:04 
 WisdomTree Physical Gold - GBP Daily HedgedGBSP1,006.50+1.04%35.36K13:15:48 
 Invesco EQQQ NASDAQ-100 UCITSEQQQ23,280.0+0.75%34.45K13:20:12 
 WisdomTree Platinum 2x Daily LeveragedLPLA2.23+5.25%33.47K12:57:55 
 iShares S&P 500 Industrials Sector AccIUIS7.29+1.96%33.20K12:50:41 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Info TechIUIT16.54+1.89%32.31K13:18:56 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond UCITS DistAGGG4.61+0.35%31.09K13:11:30 
 WisdomTree Copper 3x Daily Short3HCS7.01-3.58%30.37K13:05:00 
 Lyxor MSCI Eastern Europe ex Russia UCITSCECL1,433.60+2.04%30.13K12:04:04 
 iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITSEMIM2,411.0+0.21%30.11K13:17:17 
 Rize UCITS ICAV - Rize Medical Cannabis and Life SFLWR3.64+2.07%29.57K09:06:52 
 First Trust Cloud Computing UCITS ETF Class A USD FSKY2,269.78+1.75%28.81K13:10:40 
 iShares Electric Vehicles and Driving Technology UECAR6.40+1.86%28.54K13:00:17 
 HSBC MSCI World UCITSHMWO2,139.79+0.73%27.98K12:49:58 
 WisdomTree EURO STOXX Banks 3x Daily LeveragedWT3BAL294.80+4.82%27.44K10:56:20 
 iShares Core MSCI World UCITSSWDA5,961.0+0.96%27.09K13:06:13 
 iShares S&P 500 Consumer Staples Sector AccICSU583.98+1.28%26.92K13:05:51 
 iShares US Property Yield UCITSIDUP30.47+1.91%26.88K13:06:55 
 SSgA SPDR S&P US Dividend AristocratsUSDV54.18+1.16%26.30K13:02:46 
 KraneShares CSI China InternetKWEB18.35+0.08%26.12K12:51:27 
 iShares Oil & Gas Exploration & Production UCITS ESPOGO1,994.00+1.28%26.11K13:19:39 
 iShares S&P 500 USD FinancialsUIFS739.75+1.28%26.00K13:04:27 
 db x-trackers MSCI Indonesia UCITS 1CXMID1,218.97-1.57%25.92K09:27:21 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond Hedged DistAGPH4.72-0.06%24.84K12:55:43 
 WisdomTree CopperCOPA38.12+1.30%24.83K13:06:07 
 HSBC S&P 500 UCITSHSPX3,166.1+1.02%24.66K13:12:23 
 iShares Healthcare Innovation AccHEAL7.12+2.30%24.45K13:02:51 
 Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS AccVAVUAG5,774.00+1000.00%24.09K13:19:03 
 L&G Cyber Security UCITSUSPY20.09+2.76%23.87K12:54:52 
 iShares Core UK Gilts UCITSIGLT12.43-0.18%23.41K13:14:32 
 The Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC SecuritiesRMAU18.54+0.98%22.41K12:46:20 
 iShares MSCI Australia UCITSIAUS44.44+1.52%22.39K13:20:33 
 iShares S&P 500 Utilities Sector AccISIUSU643.25+0.88%22.38K13:19:40 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World High Div YldVHYL48.42+0.84%22.05K13:15:13 
 Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS USD IncVUSD74.91+1.77%22.02K13:20:27 
 iShares Core MSCI Japan IMI UCITS ETF USDSJPA3,507.0+0.29%22.00K12:30:19 
 WisdomTree Silver 2x Daily LeveragedLSIL5.44+3.72%21.84K11:49:08 
 iShares Edge S&P 500 Min VolISSPMV75.04+2.25%21.81K13:09:05 
 UBS Irl plc MSCI UK IMI Socially Resp A-disUKSR1,564.83+1.09%21.67K13:00:45 
 iShares MSCI World Value Factor UCITSIWFV2,823.0+0.66%21.50K13:13:31 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Value Factor UCITS ETF USDIWVG3.95+0.69%21.47K12:15:31 
 iShares MSCI World Value Factor UCITSIWVL35.50+1.66%21.28K13:14:19 
 iShares US Aggregate Bond AccIUAA5.250.08%21.22K11:52:02 
 iShares GBP-Linked Gilts UCITSINXG18.02+0.50%21.14K13:05:09 
 iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF GBP (Dist)ISFU9.28+1.80%21.02K10:47:32 
 WisdomTree Coffee 2x Daily LeveragedLCFE1.3300+1.33%20.95K10:40:42 
 WisdomTree CottonCOTNC4.276-0.14%20.80K12:36:18 
 Invesco S&P 500 UCITS ETF B DisSPXD36.77+1.93%20.52K13:14:40 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 7-10yr UCITS ETF USDISTB149.83-0.95%20.34K13:15:02 
 iShares US Property Yield UCITSIUSP2,422.5+1.15%19.99K13:07:08 
 iShares Agribusiness UCITSISAG53.75+1.26%19.71K12:29:47 
 WisdomTree Cloud Computing UCITS ETF - USD AccWCLD29.64+2.61%19.58K13:17:16 
 iShares Global High Yield Corp Bond AccHYLA5.13+0.53%19.18K10:42:43 
 VanEck Junior Gold MinersGJGB27.48+1.12%18.88K12:39:43 
 Vanguard FTSE Dev Europe x UKVERX28.70+0.99%17.64K13:13:18 
 iShares MSCI EM UCITS ETF USD (Acc)IEAM35.20+0.83%17.63K12:56:07 
 iShares S&P Gold Producers UCITSIAUP14.00+1.89%17.28K13:20:16 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS DistIEEM3,188.5-0.06%17.10K12:38:28 
 WisdomTree S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures 2.25x DaVIXL2.40-6.51%17.06K12:35:02 
 iShares China Large Cap UCITSFXC6,905.0-0.27%16.61K13:01:41 
 iShares OMX Stockholm CappedOMXS545.75+1.14%16.59K12:18:12 
 L&G Battery Value-Chain UCITSBATG1,283.00+0.87%16.43K13:10:02 
 Vanguard FTSE Japan USDVDJP30.53+0.92%16.38K13:10:47 
 Source Bloomberg CommodityCMOD27.49-0.01%16.37K13:01:11 
 WisdomTree AluminiumALMN4.129+1.30%16.10K11:54:31 
 WisdomTree WTI Crude Oil 1x Daily ShortSOIL17.57-1.31%15.70K13:03:10 
 iShares S&P 500 EUR Hedged UCITSIUSEA85.50+2.03%15.58K13:20:36 
 iShares $ Floating Rate Bond UCITS Acc USDFLOA5.31-0.03%15.23K13:12:39 
 WisdomTree Long JPY Short USD 3x DailyLJP36.24+0.60%15.19K12:45:33 
 HSBC FTSE 250 UCITSHMCX1,901.9+1.38%15.12K13:20:49 
 WisdomTree NASDAQ 100 3x Daily ShortQQQS52.49-4.27%15.00K13:11:52 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond UCITS Hedged AccAGGU5.240.00%14.92K13:20:19 
 iShares MSCI World UCITS DistIWRD4,569.0+0.91%14.79K13:18:56 
 iShares MSCI World Quality Factor UCITSIWQU47.65+1.71%14.70K13:01:42 
 VanEck Vectors Gold Miners UKGDX35.40+2.55%14.64K13:12:35 
 iShares Oil & Gas Exploration & Production UCITS EIOGP25.15+2.34%14.56K12:44:25 
 Lyxor Core MSCI World DR UCITS ETF AccLCWL10.86+1.15%14.36K12:22:30 
 iShares S&P 500 UCITS DistIDUS39.34+1.85%14.34K13:14:45 
 iShares MSCI USA Dividend IQQDIV40.73+2.06%14.33K12:28:51 
 L&G Cyber Security UCITSISPY1,599.20+1.99%14.25K13:07:15 
 PowerShares Preferred Shares UCITSPRFD16.500.00%14.24K12:56:10 
 iShares MSCI Japan SRI Acc Share ClassSUJA495.03+0.48%14.10K12:49:26 
 iShares USD Treasury Bond 20+Yr DEIBTL349.00-1.50%14.08K12:14:28 
 Granite 3X Short Astrazeneca Daily ETP3SAZ40.00-3.61%13.85K11:31:15 
 db x-trackers II iBoxx Global Inflation-Linked UCIXGIG2,675.4-0.26%13.52K12:46:36 
 iShares MSCI Europe Quality Dividend UCITS ETF EUREQDS452.24+0.73%13.30K12:19:49 
 First Trust US Equity Income Class AUINC2,388.50+1.20%13.13K12:53:08 
 iShares Sust MSCI EM SRISUSM7.33+1.51%13.10K13:20:19 
 iShares S&P SmallCap 600 UCITSIDP679.13+2.37%13.01K13:08:20 
 iShares S&P 500 Utilities Sector AccIUUS8.09+1.76%12.86K13:19:40 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS USD AccVWRA99.63+1.69%12.13K13:20:55 
 iShares MSCI World Momentum Factor UCITSIWFM4,245.0+0.79%11.88K13:08:12 
 WisdomTree EnergyAIGE5.83-0.09%11.64K10:12:45 
 iShares $ High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSIHYU91.33+0.13%11.47K12:23:52 
 Amundi S&P 500 UCITS ETF C USD500U74.71+1.83%11.38K12:27:57 
 iShares Agribusiness UCITSSPAGA4,270.0+0.38%11.37K12:52:19 
 The Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC SecuritiesRMAP1,473.00+0.01%11.04K11:40:32 
 iShares MSCI Europe Ex UK GBPEUXS590.10+0.54%10.94K10:18:01 
 Vanguard USD Treasury BdVUTY18.59-1.06%10.89K12:54:02 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA Quality Factor UCITS ETF USDIUQF750.50+0.84%10.84K12:37:27 
 L&G DAX Daily 2x Short UCITSDS2P154.92-1.59%10.73K12:41:47 
 iShares S&P 500 Industrials Sector AccIISU579.00+1.07%10.72K12:50:41 
 db x-trackers FTSE 100 DR 1CXDUK1,045.69+0.95%10.68K13:03:08 
 PowerShares Emerging Markets USD BondPEMD15.68+0.06%10.52K10:43:24 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA Value Factor UCITS ETF USD (IUVD5.92+2.38%10.51K12:16:37 
 iShares $ Short Duration Corp Bond UCITS ETF USDSDIG98.15+0.10%10.35K13:19:25 
 Uk Gilt UCITSVGOV21.37-0.24%10.18K12:58:25 
 Vanguard FTSE 100 UCITS GBP AccVUKG34.72+1.11%10.18K13:15:33 
 HSBC FTSE 100 UCITSHUKX7,456.3+1.19%9.90K13:19:28 
 iShares MSCI Europe Value FactorIEVL7.25+0.99%9.70K12:52:50 
 Invesco Physical Gold ETCSGLD179.97+0.91%9.59K12:49:53 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS USD AccVWRP79.31+0.87%9.57K13:09:43 
 iShares JP Morgan ESG EM Bond UCITS USD AccISEMSA4.900.21%9.50K10:42:04 
 WisdomTree Cloud Computing UCITS ETF - USD AccKLWD2,358.00+1.78%9.46K13:17:16 
 db x-trackers S&P 500 2x Leveraged Daily UCITS 1CXS2D120.51+3.94%9.32K13:07:11 
 Fidelity US Quality Income AccFIFUSA9.13+1.84%9.30K12:03:23 
 Vanguard Germany All Cap UCITSVGER20.37+1.14%9.07K13:05:19 
 Vanguard FTSE Japan USDVJPN24.23+0.19%8.96K12:37:49 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Info Tech DR 1CXDWT49.91+1.76%8.93K12:09:56 
 iShares Core GBP Corporate Bond UCITSSLXX134.32-0.32%8.79K13:13:40 
 iShares GBP Corporate Bond ex-Financials UCITSISXF115.91-0.24%8.77K12:28:09 
 iShares MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan UCITSIFFF4,175.0+0.06%8.70K12:09:21 
 iShares Euro High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSSHYG78.08+0.36%8.65K12:16:41 
 iShares MSCI ACWI UCITSISACI63.51+1.67%8.53K13:12:23 
 WisdomTree Physical SilverPHAG20.57+1.88%8.49K13:18:03 
 iShares GBP Corporate Bond 1-5Yr UCITSIS15100.78-0.13%8.48K13:03:45 
 iShares USD Floating Rate Bond Hedged DisFLOS473.30-0.04%8.31K11:12:33 
 Rize UCITS ICAV - Rize Cybersecurity and Data PrivCYBP477.01+1.75%8.21K12:44:33 
 Xtrackers S&P 500 Equal Weight UCITS ETF 1CXDEW74.89+1.94%8.12K13:00:24 
 Xtrackers USD High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSXUHY12.70+0.33%8.03K11:56:05 
 Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets UCITS USD IncVFEM45.450.01%8.00K13:07:51 
 db x-trackers II Global Sovereign GBP UCITSXGSG2,545.4-0.10%7.89K12:33:49 
 iShares Core FTSE 100 USD Hedged AccISFD6.14+1.32%7.84K12:43:37 
 Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets UCITS USD IncVDEM57.24+1.05%7.82K12:10:38 
 db x-trackers CSI300 UCITS 1CXCHA15.26+0.21%7.75K13:20:44 
 Source KBW NASDAQ Fintech UCITSSOFTEK35.62+1.95%7.74K13:19:00 
 iShares MSCI India UCITS ETF USD AccISIIND5.480.16%7.73K13:20:20 
 WisdomTree Natural Gas 2x Daily LeveragedLNGA10.02-3.05%7.68K11:35:48 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Min VolISMINV4,369.1+0.61%7.60K12:20:21 
 iShares MSCI EM Latin America UCITS ETF USDLTAM1,254.95+0.50%7.57K13:14:08 
 iShares S&P 500 Materials Sector AccIUMS8.68+1.94%7.52K12:41:29 
 WisdomTree Brent Crude Oil - GBP Daily HedgedPBRT631.00+1.02%7.50K08:43:58 
 db x-trackers Harvest CSI300 UCITS DRASHR11.76+0.17%7.50K08:00:29 
 WisdomTree SugarSUGA9.97+0.28%7.39K10:05:21 
 GraniteShares 3x Long BP Daily3LBP47.63+6.63%7.35K10:33:36 
 WisdomTree S&P 500 3x Daily Short3ULS40.70-5.68%7.32K12:55:36 
 iShares Healthcare Innovation AccDRDR566.25+1.64%7.22K12:58:19 
 iShares MSCI Poland UCITSSPOL1,091.71+2.81%7.14K12:51:56 
 iShares Physical GoldEGLN34.07+0.06%7.05K13:16:13 
 WisdomTree Japan Equity UCITS ETF - USD HedgedDXJ19.46+0.96%7.03K10:59:17 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIDBT129.32-0.01%7.02K11:46:21 
 iShares Nasdaq 100 UCITSCNDX676.07+1.60%7.00K13:20:27 
 SPDR S&P 500 UCITSSPY5394.76+1.90%6.98K13:10:46 
 iShares Listed Private Equity UCITSIDPE25.57+2.14%6.96K12:06:26 
 Lyxor UCITS FTSE 100 C-GBPL1001,178.80+0.91%6.95K10:49:01 
 iShares MSCI Canada ETF USDCCAU175.06+1.47%6.95K12:42:31 
 Source Bloomberg CommodityCMOP2,188.85-0.75%6.81K13:09:09 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Health CareIHCU794.25+1.47%6.74K13:20:19 
 WisdomTree Copper 2x Daily LeveragedLCOP10.55+1.78%6.68K12:54:37 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Consumer Discretionary 1CXDWC41.38+1.11%6.67K12:50:11 
 iShares MSCI World EUR Hedged UCITSIWDE66.23+1.84%6.65K13:05:37 
 WisdomTree Copper 1x Daily ShortSCPR16.41-1.23%6.60K13:05:00 
 WisdomTree Physical GoldPHAU175.65+1.00%6.55K13:18:19 
 iShares S&P 500 GBP Hedged UCITSIGUS9,005.0+1.58%6.46K12:39:54 
 iShares Global Timber & Forestry UCITSWOODT2,409.50+0.54%6.39K12:05:30 
 iShares US Mortgage Backed SecIMBS4.38+0.39%6.18K13:01:26 
 First Trust Indxx Innovative Transaction&ProcessBLOK2,139.41+0.75%5.98K12:19:54 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS DistIJPN1,158.50+0.37%5.93K12:01:11 
 iShares MSCI Europe ex-UK UCITSIEUX3,144.0+0.85%5.91K12:49:39 
 WisdomTree Soybean OilSOYO9.33+0.97%5.84K12:08:01 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - Factor MSCI USA Quality UCITS UC992,700.00+1.35%5.69K11:49:45 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed World UCITS ETF USDVEVE62.36+0.66%5.53K10:49:10 
 db x-trackers FTSE 250 UCITS DRXMCX1,932.9+1.23%5.52K11:39:07 
 WisdomTree Cocoa 2x Daily LeveragedLCOC5.25+3.68%5.50K13:18:43 
 SPDR S&P Euro Dividend AristocratsEUDI21.32+0.46%5.35K10:34:44 
 Lyxor MSCI Emerging Markets Ex China UCITS AccLYEMXC22.76+1.23%5.32K12:32:08 
 iShares MSCI World Islamic UCITSISDW40.30+1.64%5.27K10:18:18 
 iShares MSCI ACWI UCITSSSAC5,049.4+0.52%5.17K13:03:01 
 SPDR FTSE UK All ShareFTAL57.76+1.15%5.16K13:15:49 
 VanEck Morningstar US Sustainable Wide Moat UCITSMOAT45.63+1.91%5.12K12:37:40 
 Invesco NASDAQ BiotechSBIO38.29+2.46%5.09K12:44:36 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 3-7yr UCITS ETF USDCBU7129.73-0.08%5.00K12:36:50 
 WisdomTree Industrial MetalsAIGI17.96-0.33%5.00K12:39:40 
 db x-trackers II Global Govt Bond DR 3CDBXGSI12.76-0.08%4.98K10:18:27 
 SSgA SPDR S&P US Dividend AristocratsUDVD68.15+2.26%4.96K13:14:36 
 SPDR S&P UK Dividend AristocratsUKDV10.70+1.18%4.95K13:01:49 
 WisdomTree Battery Solutions UCITS ETF - USD AccCHRG3,296.00+0.14%4.91K12:50:47 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World High Div YldVHYD60.92+1.76%4.91K13:18:16 
 WisdomTree ZincZINC11.65+2.30%4.80K11:58:55 
 iShares FTSE 100 UCITS AccCUKX13,286.6+1.28%4.77K13:07:03 
 Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility UCITSHDLG2,821.0+0.36%4.75K12:52:42 
 Lyxor US TIPS DR Monthly Hedged D-GBPTIPH110.25-0.05%4.73K13:12:11 
 iShares Physical SilverISLN21.27+1.94%4.69K12:33:14 
 SPDR MSCI World Energy UCITSSPWNRG44.62+2.29%4.68K12:44:49 
 VanEck Vectors Gold Miners UKGDGB27.96+1.21%4.58K09:54:35 
 First Trust Cloud Computing UCITS ETF Class A USD SKYU28.59+2.77%4.46K13:15:02 
 WisdomTree Physical SilverPHSP1,631.20+0.69%4.46K09:39:20 
 iShares MSCI Turkey UCITSITKY860.00-0.81%4.45K12:23:05 
 Vanguard S&P 500 UCITS AccVUAA72.61+1.64%4.45K13:18:57 
 WisdomTree CornCORN1.4710+0.55%4.42K10:31:25 
 SSgA SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSEMRD56.78+0.99%4.37K11:42:53 
 L&G Battery Value-Chain UCITSBATT16.29+1.45%4.31K11:56:45 
 iShares China Large Cap UCITSIDFX86.95+0.73%4.16K12:02:26 
 WisdomTree Gold 2x Daily LeveragedLBUL59.10+1.87%4.16K12:32:00 
 HSBC MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSHMEF831.68+0.04%4.08K12:19:32 
 ROBO-STOX Global RoboticsROBO19.59+2.52%4.07K11:55:00 
 iShares Euro Inflation Linked Government Bond UCITIBCI198.66+0.06%4.06K10:39:33 
 iShares UK Gilts 0-5Yr UCITSIGLS129.86-0.05%4.06K13:19:59 
 db x-trackers FTSE Vietnam UCITS 1CXFVT2,785.0-1.89%4.04K11:35:26 
 iShares S&P SmallCap 600 UCITSISP66,292.0+1.81%4.04K13:08:20 
 SPDR S&P Global Dividend Aristocrats UCITSGBDV27.01+0.60%3.99K12:56:18 
 db x-trackers JPX-Nikkei 400XDNG1,695.00+0.62%3.99K11:04:46 
 iShares MSCI World SRI UCITS ETF USD (Dist)SUWS7.18+1.72%3.96K11:27:07 
 iShares US Mortgage Backed Securities AccIMBA5.09-0.07%3.80K08:18:33 
 iShares MDAX UCITS DE0MLG245.80+1.28%3.80K09:11:59 
 iShares Emerging Markets Dividend UCITSIEDY16.62+1.23%3.78K13:17:31 
 VanEck Junior Gold MinersGDXJ34.59+1.98%3.77K12:58:10 
 db x-trackers MSCI India UCITS 1CXCX51,209.38-0.28%3.76K11:26:51 
 iShares MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan UCITSIDFF52.55+1.04%3.76K11:53:27 
 ROBO-STOX Global RoboticsROBG1,555.38+1.04%3.76K12:48:25 
 iShares MSCI World Quality Factor UCITSIWFQ3,794.0+1.15%3.72K13:19:01 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Min VolMVOL55.10+1.70%3.71K13:15:47 
 db x-trackers S&P 500 UCITS 1CXSPX5,991.6+0.72%3.64K10:39:59 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed EuropeVEUD36.28+1.36%3.63K10:16:38 
 SPDR MSCI World UCITSSWRD27.30+1.87%3.61K13:08:48 
 WisdomTree Brent Crude OilBRNT53.36+0.95%3.61K13:15:51 
 WisdomTree NASDAQ 100 3x Daily ShortLQQS4,175.00-5.09%3.53K13:03:03 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp Bond Source UCITSSTEA101.37+0.14%3.45K12:00:02 
 WisdomTree Brent Crude Oil 1x Daily ShortSBRT15.71-1.01%3.43K11:38:20 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia PacifVAPX21.28+0.05%3.41K12:54:04 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia Pacific ex Japan UCITVAPU29.70+1.01%3.33K08:15:53 
 Lyxor UCITS CAC 40 (DR) D-EURCACX5,348.0+0.72%3.33K11:03:16 
 iShares Global Infrastructure UCITSINFR2,626.5+1.06%3.31K13:20:01 
 Vanguard USD Corp BdVDCP48.87-0.06%3.31K11:54:29 
 iShares FTSE MIB UCITS DistIMIB1,213.20+0.70%3.30K10:49:43 
 HSBC MSCI Pacific ex Japan UCITSHMXJ1,098.00-0.14%3.29K12:37:27 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed EuropeVEUR28.94+1.10%3.26K11:29:16 
 HSBC MSCI AC Far East ex JapanHMAD46.63+0.92%3.26K10:34:21 
 WisdomTree NASDAQ 100 3x Daily LeveragedLQQ36,544.0+3.81%3.23K13:09:45 
 WisdomTree FTSE 100 3x Daily Leveraged3UKL20,440.0+3.60%3.20K13:00:15 
 iShares Global Govt Bond AccIGLA4.81+0.21%3.19K12:29:58 
 Xtrackers II USD Emerging Markets Bond UCITS 2DXUEM11.52+0.62%3.17K12:13:19 
 WisdomTree Broad Commodities Longer DatedFAIG33.12+0.23%3.15K12:22:45 
 iShares € Corp Bond ESG UCITS GBP Hdg DistSUOG4.64-0.17%3.11K12:41:05 
 iShares Fallen Angels HY Corp BndRISE416.50-0.82%3.08K11:13:37 
 Source Financials S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLFS247.90+2.04%3.06K13:04:27 
 HSBC MSCI EM Latin America UCITSHMLA1,901.7+1.25%3.03K10:50:59 
 Source Euro Stoxx 50 TR A UCITSSX5S7,286.0+1.21%3.02K13:06:16 
 Lyxor UCITS Stoxx Banks C-EURBNKE75.11+1.97%3.00K10:46:25 
 SPDR Barclays Capital 15+ Year GiltGLTL5,984.00+1000.00%2.98K12:45:27 
 iShares MSCI EM UCITS ETF USD (Acc)SEMA2,797.9+0.10%2.94K12:48:44 
 iShares JPM EM Bond EUR HedgedEMBE71.32+0.52%2.92K12:39:39 
 Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS USD IncVWRD104.02+1.69%2.88K13:17:58 
 db x-trackers SP 500 UCITS UKXDPGD6,607.6+1.79%2.87K13:14:08 
 SPDR S&P U.S. Technology Select SectorSXLK68.11+1.75%2.84K13:16:21 
 WisdomTree Silver 1x Daily ShortSSIL8.90-1.82%2.82K11:17:57 
 iShares Global Government Bond UCITSSGLO78.88-0.48%2.82K12:52:00 
 iShares Digitalisation AccDGTL7.05+2.32%2.82K13:07:24 
 Vanguard USD EM Government BondVEMT33.71-0.22%2.75K12:27:12 
 Rize UCITS ICAV - Rize Cybersecurity and Data PrivCYBR6.00+2.23%2.74K11:27:48 
 SPDR MSCI EM Asia UCITSEASD69.17+1.13%2.71K13:01:39 
 L&G Artificial Intelligence UCITSAIAG986.08+1.46%2.71K12:17:10 
 iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSHYLD83.17+0.59%2.68K12:59:52 
 iShares $ Short Duration High Yield Corp Bond UCITSDHY85.94+0.04%2.66K13:12:44 
 SSgA SPDR Barclays Capital UK GiltGLTY53.93-0.38%2.65K12:25:11 
 WisdomTree Brent Crude Oil 2x Daily LeveragedLBRT87.83+2.85%2.63K12:08:47 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx EUR Liquid High Yield 30 Ex-FinaYIEL101.30+0.27%2.61K12:56:51 
 WisdomTree GrainsGRNS5.732+0.17%2.60K11:38:58 
 db x-trackers Euro Stoxx 50 Short Daily 1CXSSX770.42-0.47%2.58K11:38:46 
 WisdomTree NickelNICK24.81-5.27%2.55K12:48:28 
 db x-trackers Nikkei 225 UCITS DRXDJP1,738.00+0.59%2.54K13:03:03 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Consumer Staples DR 1CXDWS41.81+1.58%2.51K12:06:44 
 iShares Core S&P 500 UCITSCSP132,140.0+0.90%2.49K13:00:43 
 iShares S&P 500 Materials Sector AccIMSU689.75+1.14%2.47K12:41:40 
 Invesco Global Buyback Achievers UCITSBUYB43.00+1.79%2.45K12:03:57 
 Source S&P 500 UCITSSPXS748.06+1.81%2.44K13:05:53 
 Goldman Sachs Access China Government Bond UCITS ECBND55.07+0.81%2.43K11:18:32 
 iShares EURO Dividend UCITSIDVY1,618.00+0.86%2.37K12:41:59 
 iShares MSCI Japan EUR Hedged UCITSIJPE57.47+1.03%2.35K12:20:29 
 Source STOXX Europe 600 Optimised Banks UCITSX7PS62.38+1.18%2.33K09:38:57 
 Franklin FTSE India UCITSFLXI32.08+1.74%2.33K09:30:44 
 db x-trackers MSCI Wd Health CareXDWH47.28+2.08%2.31K12:56:06 
 SPDR MSCI World UCITSSWLD21.67+0.76%2.30K12:52:50 
 iShares $ TIPS UCITS ETF USDIDTP241.00+0.02%2.30K13:04:19 
 Source Real Estate S&P US Select SectorXRES23.09+2.16%2.29K12:57:15 
 iShares Global Inflation Linked Government Bond UCIGIL168.76+0.19%2.28K12:55:02 
 iShares MSCI Turkey UCITSIDTK11.00+1.83%2.24K11:40:24 
 Fidelity Global Quality Income IncFGQD570.30+0.87%2.23K13:18:15 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe MF GBpFSEU625.60+0.99%2.23K08:53:56 
 iShares MSCI Brazil UCITS DistIBZL2,129.5+1.78%2.23K12:55:02 
 iShares $ TIPS UCITS ETF USDITPS191.57-0.94%2.22K13:19:04 
 Invesco Technology S&P US Select SectorXLKS325.19+1.80%2.18K13:18:05 
 HSBC MSCI Japan UCITSHMJP2,646.4+0.05%2.17K11:06:43 
 Gold Bullion Securities ETCGBSx173.07+1.09%2.16K13:02:43 
 SPDR Barclays Capital 1-5 Year GiltGLTS49.77-0.07%2.15K13:14:32 
 db x-trackers MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan UCITSXAXJ3,609.0-0.46%2.14K08:15:18 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Rolls-Royce Daily3LRR0.15-0.13%2.10K11:26:38 
 Lyxor MSCI China UCITS ETF - AccLCCN16.75+0.49%2.09K11:03:35 
 iShares MSCI Target UK Real EstateUKRE517.75+0.53%2.07K12:57:41 
 PIMCO US Dollar Short Maturity Source UCITSMINT99.35-0.03%2.04K08:46:31 
 iShares GBP Ultrashort Bond GBPERNS100.34+0.05%2.03K12:26:47 
 iShares Listed Private Equity UCITSIPRV2,030.30+1.10%2.02K12:25:16 
 Xtrackers Euro Stoxx 50 UCITS ETF 1DXESX3,291.5+0.63%2.01K09:17:02 
 iShares MSCI World Momentum Factor UCITSIWMO53.41+1.62%1.97K11:48:55 
 db x-trackers II Global Inflation-Linked 2CXG7U28.11-0.28%1.95K13:19:55 
 iShares Emerging Markets Infrastructure UCITSIEMI1,259.35+1.34%1.95K12:20:19 
 WisdomTree Physical Swiss GoldSGBS179.39+1.10%1.94K13:07:14 
 iShares Nasdaq 100 UCITSCNX153,749.0+0.26%1.93K13:16:12 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Asia UCITSAASU35.16+0.74%1.91K09:58:16 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Info TechIITU1,316.50+1.07%1.91K13:19:27 
 Lyxor Core MSCI World DR UCITS ETF AccLCWD13.66+1.76%1.89K13:13:35 
 iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 ETF EURCS5110,792.0+0.94%1.88K12:21:50 
 SSgA SPDR MSCI ACWIACWD168.16+1.37%1.87K11:06:55 
 Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond UCITS GBP Hedged InVAGP23.27+0.07%1.85K12:54:12 
 db x-trackers Russell 2000 UCITS GBXRSU255.53+2.21%1.79K13:20:46 
 iShares European Property Yield UCITSIPRP3,090.0+0.69%1.78K11:36:18 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia PacifVDPX26.80+1.37%1.78K13:18:41 
 WisdomTree Gold 3x Daily Leveraged3GOL36.15+2.85%1.78K11:24:45 
 iShares Developed Markets Property Yield UCITSIDWP25.76+1.42%1.76K12:55:07 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia UCITSCEMA156.97+0.87%1.73K11:52:55 
 Xtrackers MSCI Taiwan UCITS ETF 1CXMTW3,942.5+0.24%1.72K13:01:32 
 iShares MSCI Europe Value FactorIEFV613.56+0.92%1.72K10:40:51 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIBTS102.85-0.79%1.65K13:03:35 
 First Trust US Large Cap Core AlphaDEX Class BFEXD4,759.9+1.31%1.65K12:06:41 
 WisdomTree WTI Crude Oil 2x Daily LeveragedLOIL22.20+2.34%1.65K12:27:52 
 Lyxor UCITS Iboxx GBP GiltsGILS12,556.4-0.44%1.64K13:18:33 
 Invesco FTSE RAFI US 1000 UCITSPSRFG2,071.83+0.70%1.61K12:04:30 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed World UCITS ETF USD AccumuVHVG60.95+0.75%1.59K10:10:55 
 iShares USD Ultrashort Bond UCITSERNU79.16-0.78%1.59K13:14:53 
 iShares Global Corporate Bond UCITSCORP89.22+0.33%1.58K11:33:14 
 db x-trackers MSCI Canada UCITS 1CXCAD71.84+1.47%1.57K13:19:31 
 db x-trackers MSCI EM DR 1C UnhedgedXMMS4,040.50+0.01%1.56K12:41:08 
 db x-trackers MSCI EMU DR 2CXD5S2,510.0+0.88%1.55K12:54:55 
 iShares MSCI World UCITS DistIDWR57.44+1.78%1.53K12:44:29 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 Oil & Gas UCITSXSER8,753.0+1.52%1.52K09:37:25 
 db x-trackers Russell MidcapXRMU32.15+2.03%1.51K08:09:07 
 iShares Core MSCI EMU UCITS ETF EURCEU111,286.0+0.85%1.49K12:54:38 
 Lyxor UCITS Commodities Thomson Reuters/CorecommodCRBL2,368.06-0.12%1.49K13:14:33 
 iShares Developed Markets Property Yield UCITSIWDP2,050.0+0.61%1.48K12:46:43 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 7-10yr UCITS ETF USDIDTM188.23-0.14%1.47K12:09:42 
 iShares MSCI Poland UCITSIPLD13.73+4.61%1.44K12:42:18 
 Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility UCITSHDLV35.46+1.84%1.43K13:07:31 
 iShares Asia Property Yield UCITSIASP1,950.0-0.18%1.42K13:10:22 
 iShares MSCI World Islamic UCITSISWD3,223.0+1.42%1.39K12:59:17 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond Large Cap UCITSIBCX126.03-0.19%1.39K12:54:44 
 SPDR MSCI World Health Care UCITSWHEA54.62+1.66%1.39K12:44:52 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond Interest Rate Hedged UIRCP91.99+0.02%1.38K12:21:32 
 db x-trackers FTSE 100 UCITS DR IncomeXUKX745.50+1.10%1.35K12:17:54 
 WisdomTree Short USD Long GBP 5x DailyPUS5387.00+3.82%1.35K09:31:12 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond UCITS DistSAGG366.00+1000.00%1.34K12:26:40 
 PIMCO Low Duration US Corp Bond Source IncLDCU99.12+0.27%1.32K12:14:37 
 First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Green Energy UCITSQCLU20.20+2.55%1.31K09:12:33 
 WisdomTree Heating OilHEAT21.42-0.51%1.30K09:56:57 
 iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 ETF EURCSX5127.36+0.84%1.29K12:35:07 
 WisdomTree Wheat 2x Daily LeveragedLWEA47.59+2.43%1.29K12:52:32 
 VanEck Video Gaming and eSports UCITSESGB25.46+0.39%1.28K13:04:45 
 UBS MSCI EMU A-disUB0F1,080.40+0.44%1.28K11:00:07 
 Invesco EURO STOXX Optimised Banks UCITSS7XP4,802.6+2.03%1.26K13:08:25 
 Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 DR CMEUD16,094.00+1.06%1.25K12:43:12 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITS AccCBU3110.89+0.03%1.24K12:37:04 
 SSgA SPDR S&P 400 US Mid CapSPY472.05+2.14%1.24K12:10:28 
 SSgA SPDR Barclays Cap Sterling Corporate BondUKCO55.78-0.09%1.23K12:20:21 
 WisdomTree DAX 30 3x Daily Leveraged3DEL174.19+2.17%1.22K12:22:52 
 db x-trackers II Harvest CSI China Sovereign Bond CGB22.54+0.52%1.18K11:16:12 
 L&G Healthcare Breakthrough UCITSDOCG973.79+1.37%1.16K09:08:45 
 iShares Global Government Bond UCITSIGLO99.32+0.43%1.15K11:57:26 
 DB Physical GoldXGLD180.17+0.94%1.09K09:22:52 
 Source FTSE 250 UCITSS25015,681.4+1.04%1.06K10:39:50 
 JPM USD Ultra-Short Income UCITS USD (acc)JPSA104.31+0.03%1.06K09:00:36 
 JPM USD Ultra-Short Income UCITS USD (acc)JPAS83.03-0.75%1.06K09:00:36 
 iShares Physical SilverSSLN1,686.00+0.75%1.06K12:05:49 
 iShares MSCI EM IslamicISDE18.86+0.99%1.04K10:18:20 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond 1-5Yr UCITSIE15105.47-0.23%1.03K12:04:14 
 Invesco US Treasury Bond UCITS GBP Hdg DistTRGB3,720.0-0.10%1.02K12:37:27 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3Yr UCITS AccCU318,796.4-0.72%1.01K12:20:21 
 iShares USD Ultrashort Bond UCITSERND99.44+0.02%1.01K09:51:28 
 WisdomTree Brent Crude Oil 3x Daily Short3BRS1.95-3.83%1.00K10:40:15 
 Vanguard FTSE North AmericaVDNR96.37+1.64%1.00K10:07:22 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 0-1yr UCITS AccIB01102.06+0.04%1.00K10:33:51 
 iShares Edge S&P 500 Min VolISMVUS5,941.0+1.05%0.99K12:40:56 
 HAN-GINS Innovative Technologies UCITS ETF - AccumITEP837.03+0.77%0.96K10:32:05 
 Vanguard USD Corp BdVUCP38.83-1.05%0.96K11:54:28 
 iShares MSCI Japan Hedged UCITSIJPD44.97+1.15%0.93K08:00:26 
 SPDR Morningstar Multi-Asset GlobalGIN26.94+0.54%0.92K12:46:51 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe Min VolIMV4,364.6+0.71%0.92K08:57:55 
 WisdomTree CocoaCOCO2.377+0.55%0.92K08:19:50 
 iShares US Aggregate Bond UCITSIUAG97.59-0.06%0.91K11:10:42 
 WisdomTree Physical GoldPHGP13,942.0-0.74%0.90K12:36:41 
 Vanguard USD Treasury BdVDTY23.40-0.07%0.89K11:37:12 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Source STHS8.83-0.04%0.88K13:00:47 
 WisdomTree CarbonCARB28.86+0.07%0.87K11:55:08 
 WisdomTree SilverSLVR19.39+1.31%0.87K09:05:50 
 WisdomTree Natural Gas 1x Daily ShortSNGA146.88+2.45%0.84K12:59:53 
 SPDR S&P 500 UCITSSPX5313.30+0.78%0.83K11:40:15 
 iShares $ Emerging Markets Corporate Bond UCITSISEMCR89.48+0.39%0.83K12:16:14 
 SPDR Barclays Cap US Treasury BondTRSY102.42-0.17%0.81K12:03:42 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed World UCITS ETF USD AccumuVHVE77.00+1.57%0.81K12:47:10 
 Vanguard FTSE North AmericaVNRT76.29+1.26%0.80K12:27:57 
 WisdomTree Physical PalladiumPHPD187.66+2.28%0.80K13:00:42 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA MF GBpIFSU9.28+1.98%0.79K12:09:49 
 iShares EURO STOXX 50 UCITS DistEUE3,212.7+1.14%0.78K13:09:59 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed World UCITS ETF USDVDEV78.53+1.72%0.77K12:57:07 
 Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain UCITS AccINBCHN75.23+1.28%0.74K13:03:25 
 iShares $ Short Duration High Yield Corp Bond UCITSDHG68.17-0.98%0.74K12:34:31 
 iShares STOXX Europe Small 200 UCITS0MMG34.3375-1.91%0.72K14/04 
 iShares $ High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSSHYU72.62-0.71%0.72K12:29:06 
 VanEck Video Gaming and eSports UCITSESPO31.93+1.28%0.71K12:47:32 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 10Y+ DRUS10129.44-0.21%0.70K08:15:18 
 iShares Euro Corp Bnd Sustain Screen 0-3ySUSS415.36+0.17%0.67K12:41:43 
 WisdomTree Natural Gas 3x Daily Leveraged3LNG35,787.000-8.67%0.67K13:09:55 
 Xtrackers MSCI USA Health Care UCITS ETF 1DXUHC52.62+2.35%0.67K13:18:51 
 iShares MSCI Europe SRI UCITS ETF EURIESG4,725.5+1.03%0.67K12:42:30 
 WisdomTree Copper 3x Daily Leveraged3HCL26.40+3.63%0.67K13:05:00 
 Invesco US Treasury Bond 7-10 Year UCITS GBP HedgeTRXS3,833.5-0.01%0.66K10:40:20 
 Ossiam Shiller Barclays Cape US Sector Value Tr 1CUCAP1,002.72+1.77%0.65K11:46:59 
 iShares S&P 500 Communication Sector USD AccIUCM6.37+1.37%0.65K08:15:03 
 iShares J.P. Morgan $ Emerging Markets Bond UCITSSEMB7,061.0-0.52%0.65K12:50:32 
 iShares MSCI World Size Factor UCITSIWFS3,083.6+0.47%0.65K12:20:23 
 iShares Global Water UCITSDH2O55.97+2.02%0.64K12:34:05 
 Lyxor Green Bond DR C-EURLYCLIM41.26-0.33%0.64K12:21:03 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Vodafone Daily3LVO166.00+11.71%0.63K12:41:09 
 WisdomTree Gilts 10Y 3x Daily Short3GIS4,303.0+0.68%0.62K13:00:00 
 L&G Gold Mining UCITSAUCOP2,548.7+1.95%0.61K12:01:23 
 Invesco FTSE Emerging Markets High Dividend Low VoHDEM2,031.0+0.07%0.59K11:30:35 
 Vanguard USD EM Government BondVDET42.49+0.14%0.58K10:39:05 
 iShares MSCI Brazil UCITS DistIDBZ26.99+2.58%0.58K11:46:01 
 WisdomTree Gold 3x Daily Short3GOS23.73-3.10%0.56K11:35:31 
 ROBO-STOX Global RoboticsROBE18.31+0.59%0.55K10:55:00 
 iShares Edge MSCI USA MF GBpFSUS734.50+1.34%0.54K11:17:01 
 Rize UCITS ICAV - Rize Medical Cannabis and Life SFLWG286.04+0.14%0.54K12:19:13 
 iShares Core Euro Corporate Bond UCITSIEBC103.230.00%0.54K12:54:49 
 db x-trackers MSCI USA Energy DRXUEN42.19+1.03%0.53K09:35:39 
 UBS ETF - Bloomberg Barclays MSCI US Liquid CorporBSUS951.14+0.13%0.53K12:52:43 
 SSga SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate UCITSGLRE36.41+1.68%0.53K12:54:39 
 Source LGIM Commodity CompositeLGCF85.08-0.25%0.52K10:21:52 
 iShares Physical PalladiumIPDM58.74+3.40%0.51K13:05:40 
 Source S&P 500 UCITSSPXP59,339.0+1.18%0.50K12:50:43 
 WisdomTree Energy Longer DatedENEF39.48+0.41%0.50K09:52:58 
 iShares MSCI Europe Quality DEIEFQ713.92+1.07%0.50K11:55:49 
 db x-trackers STOXX Global Select Dividend 100 UCIXGSD2,565.7+0.94%0.47K11:11:22 
 Amundi DAX UCITSCG121,629.9+1.37%0.46K09:01:07 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Index DR 1CXDWD81.90+1.94%0.46K12:23:28 
 HAN-GINS Cloud Technology UCITS ETF - AccumulatingSKYY9.24+1.53%0.43K11:18:08 
 iShares Nasdaq US Biotechnology UCITS USD (Acc)BTEC5.33+1.77%0.43K09:33:25 
 iShares Global Inflation Linked Government Bond UCSGIL134.02-0.49%0.42K11:49:14 
 iShares Core MSCI Pac ex-Jpn ETF USDCPJ113,276.5+0.11%0.42K12:00:26 
 PowerShares EURO STOXX High Dividend Low VolatilitHDEU25.05+1.07%0.42K08:58:02 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Source STHY91.28-0.19%0.42K10:42:23 
 iShares MSCI Europe UCITS DistIMEU2,290.0+0.93%0.42K12:41:44 
 JPMorgan ETFs (Ireland) ICAV BetaBuilders US TreasBBTP77.25-0.02%0.41K12:21:48 
 WisdomTree Long GBP Short USD 3x DailyLGB313.58+2.84%0.40K10:11:23 
 Invesco FTSE Emerging Markets High Dividend Low VoEMHD25.47+0.71%0.40K09:58:14 
 Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain UCITS AccBCHS6,009.7+1.33%0.40K12:20:02 
 WisdomTree Long USD Short GBPGBUS5,369.0-0.92%0.40K10:12:31 
 VanEck Morningstar US Sustainable Wide Moat UCITSMOGB36.22+0.84%0.40K09:30:47 
 Invesco US Treasury Bond 1-3 Year UCITSTR3G3,170.78-0.61%0.39K10:10:07 
 SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Emerging Markets Local BonEMDD57.25+1.16%0.39K12:00:02 
 db x-trackers MSCI World Index DR 1CXWLD6,514.52+0.95%0.38K08:52:06 
 db x-trackers MSCI Pacific Ex Japan UCITS 1C DRXPXJ5,426.0-0.12%0.38K09:33:57 
 db x-trackers MSCI EM Asia UCITS 1CXMAS4,250.0-0.15%0.38K08:20:08 
 Vanguard Eurozone Government BondVETY20.60-0.03%0.38K12:53:49 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Vodafone Daily3SVO120.40-11.86%0.37K13:04:53 
 L&G UK Equity UCITSLGUK1,198.00+1.02%0.36K08:25:47 
 HSBC MSCI USA UCITSHMUS3,004.4+0.58%0.36K09:23:41 
 WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income UCITS ETWTDEM1,138.80+0.40%0.36K08:43:26 
 db x-trackers MSCI USA UCITS 1CXMUS8,917.2+0.53%0.35K12:13:43 
 iShares MSCI Australia UCITSSAUS3,543.6+0.91%0.35K12:02:10 
 L&G FTSE 100 Leveraged (Daily 2x) UCITSLUK233,040.0+2.12%0.35K09:00:31 
 WisdomTree FTSE 100 1x Daily ShortSUK14,810.0-1.11%0.34K12:29:40 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corporate Bond Source STHE76.18+0.12%0.33K12:30:24 
 HSBC FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed UCITSHPROP1,858.5+0.56%0.33K08:09:54 
 iShares Dow Jones Industrial Average UCITSCIND364.39+1.77%0.31K12:29:45 
 iShares Global Water UCITSIH2O4,458.0+1.41%0.31K13:19:49 
 HSBC EURO STOXX 50 UCITSH50E3,317.4+0.61%0.30K09:58:26 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor MSCI Digital Economy ESG EBUY8.85+1.19%0.30K12:21:14 
 WisdomTree UK Equity Income UCITSWUKD453.34+1.22%0.29K08:46:19 
 Invesco AT1 Capital Bond UCITSINAT124.00+0.26%0.29K12:36:45 
 db x-trackers Russell 2000 UCITS GBXRSG20,263.0+1.21%0.29K09:33:48 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI USA Value UCITS USD A-disUC077,389.2+1.06%0.29K11:07:31 
 iShares Global Infrastructure UCITSIDIN33.09+1.66%0.28K11:12:38 
 iShares MSCI Japan GBP Hedged UCITSIJPH69.48+0.74%0.28K11:02:35 
 WisdomTree Physical PlatinumPHPT90.89+2.94%0.28K13:20:01 
 Xtrackers ESG MSCI World UCITS ETF 1CXZW029.30+2.00%0.28K11:57:59 
 iShares MSCI Canada ETF USDCSCA13,886.0+0.42%0.27K11:21:45 
 db x-trackers MSCI Brazil UCITS DR 1CXMBR3,635.0+1.31%0.27K12:26:45 
 WisdomTree EURO STOXX 50® 3x Daily Leveraged3EUL195.91+2.02%0.27K12:38:36 
 Source Russell 2000 UCITSRTYS87.89+2.43%0.25K08:06:03 
 Invesco Consumer Discretionary S&P US Select SectoXLYS466.57+1.11%0.24K12:51:28 
 Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF USD HedgeVAGU24.46+0.05%0.24K09:16:34 
 iShares US Mortgage Backed SecSMBS348.91-0.80%0.24K12:46:19 
 Invesco Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP UMLPS84.59+0.17%0.24K09:55:24 
 iShares Core MSCI Pac ex-Jpn ETF USDCPXJ166.81+1.08%0.23K12:30:03 
 iShares MSCI North America UCITSINAA5,859.7+0.98%0.23K11:34:02 
 Xtrackers Stoxx Europe 600 Utilities Swap UCITS ETXS6R10,814.0+0.01%0.22K12:50:14 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3Yr UCITS AccCBE3109.00-0.06%0.22K12:35:07 
 PIMCO Short-Term High Yield Corp UKSTYC126.40-0.10%0.22K12:17:39 
 WisdomTree Corn 2x Daily LeveragedLCOR4.527+1.62%0.22K09:32:44 
 WisdomTree Natural Gas 3x Daily Leveraged3NGL461.5000-5.53%0.22K13:17:33 
 iShares Emerging Markets Dividend UCITSSEDY1,322.45+0.36%0.22K12:20:21 
 Fidelity Global Quality Income IncFGQI7.16+1.63%0.22K10:49:55 
 L&G DAX Daily 2x Long UCITSDEL2302.60+0.95%0.21K11:58:43 
 db x-trackers FTSE China 50 UCITS DRXX252,335.7-1.44%0.21K11:47:04 
 HSBC MSCI Canada UCITSHCAN1,743.50+0.06%0.20K13:04:33 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS DistIJPU14.64+1.77%0.20K12:13:18 
 iShares MSCI Taiwan UCITSITWN5,732.2+0.56%0.20K12:20:19 
 UBS MSCI EMU UCITS hedged A-accUB0E1,225.37+1.18%0.20K08:02:38 
 iShares MSCI World Size Factor UCITSIWSZ38.69+1.57%0.20K11:35:08 
 iShares $ Short Duration High Yield Corp Bond UCITSDHA5.550.14%0.20K11:07:08 
 iShares MSCI Mexico Capped USDCMX110,436.4-0.01%0.20K08:19:54 
 iShares MSCI Europe UCITS AccSMEA5,308.7+1.16%0.20K13:18:26 
 db x-trackers S&P/ASX 200 UCITS DR 1CXAUS3,353.6+1.04%0.18K08:06:38 
 iShares Physical PalladiumSPDM4,645.0+1.90%0.18K11:48:00 
 iShares Core MSCI Japan IMI UCITS ETF USDISIJPA44.20+1.28%0.17K12:20:23 
 Source MSCI USA UCITSMXUS109.94+2.21%0.17K08:00:10 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS AccCJPU159.41+1.42%0.17K08:18:33 
 db x-trackers STOXX Europe 600 UCITS DR 1CXSX68,547.0+0.99%0.17K13:10:35 
 iShares MSCI USA Islamic UCITSISDU56.47+1.78%0.16K10:18:19 
 Amundi MSCI Europe Banks UCITSCB56,499.8+1.42%0.16K11:31:20 
 iShares MSCI USA Small Cap UCITSCUSS414.13+1.26%0.16K09:36:38 
 db x-trackers Euro Stoxx 50 (DR) 1CXESC4,926.5+0.73%0.16K09:33:57 
 iShares MSCI Europe Mid Cap AccISEUMD6.32+2.26%0.15K11:12:28 
 WisdomTree Agriculture Longer DatedFAGR14.63+1.00%0.15K11:42:02 
 Source FTSE 100 UCITSS1007,179.0+1.18%0.15K12:12:14 
 PIMCO Sterling Short Maturity Source UCITSQUID101.45+0.04%0.15K10:33:59 
 Vanguard EUR Corporate BondVECP41.70-0.01%0.14K10:17:27 
 SPDR MSCI ACWI IMIIMID173.68+1.87%0.13K13:00:00 
 Xtrackers Stoxx Europe 600 Basic Resources Swap UCXSPR11,964.0+1.27%0.13K12:33:44 
 HSBC MSCI Indonesia UCITSHIDRI6,293.0-2.06%0.13K10:10:21 
 Invesco US Treasury Bond 7-10 Year UCITS ETF USD DTRXG3,131.5-0.84%0.13K08:06:26 
 iShares MSCI Korea UCITS DistIKOR3,700.4+0.59%0.13K12:53:24 
 Health Care S&P US Sector SourceXLVS612.65+1.97%0.12K12:38:42 
 db x-trackers LPX MM Private Equity UCITSXLPE7,309.6+1.14%0.11K09:05:22 
 Lyxor MSCI EM ESG Trend Leaders UCITS AccMESG18.60+0.64%0.11K10:30:22 
 Invesco FTSE RAFI All World 3000 UCITSPSRW1,870.41+0.67%0.11K09:58:02 
 iShares Edge MSCI World Min Volatility UCITS ETF GWMVG5.90+1.53%0.11K12:39:38 
 iShares MSCI USA Islamic UCITSISUS4,517.3+1.40%0.11K13:01:05 
 Ind. S&P US Sel Sector SourceXLIS475.65+1.62%0.11K10:14:20 
 Xtrackers MSCI EM Latin America Swap UCITS ETF 1CXMLA3,132.0+0.79%0.10K08:36:27 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Glencore Daily3LGL832.75+3.42%0.10K09:47:55 
 WisdomTree GoldBULL19.98+1.18%0.10K11:10:41 
 WisdomTree Gold 1x Daily ShortSBUL15.95-0.75%0.10K08:55:28 
 WisdomTree Physical Precious MetalsPHPM141.89+1.88%0.10K11:32:34 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI USA D-EURUSAL29,862.0+1.05%0.10K12:06:51 
 UBS MSCI USA ETF hedged A-accUB0A1,623.95+1.83%0.10K10:00:45 
 SPDR Barclays Cap US Treasury BondUSTY81.64-0.92%0.10K09:56:11 
 WisdomTree S&P 500 3x Daily Leveraged3USL1,007.42+4.26%0.10K11:04:27 
 HSBC MSCI Mexico Capped UCITSHMEX3,116.4+0.48%0.10K11:18:06 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe Min VolMVEU51.61+0.68%0.10K08:30:41 
 Invesco US High Yield Fallen Angels UCITSFAHY1,779.50-0.67%0.09K08:00:16 
 iShares Global Corporate Bond UCITSCRPS70.94-0.69%0.09K12:46:44 
 db x-trackers MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSXMEM3,690.5-0.07%0.09K08:05:05 
 iShares MSCI Japan UCITS AccCSJP12,594.7+-0.14%0.09K10:14:28 
 SPDR S&P 500 Low Volatility UCITSUSLV53.33+0.53%0.08K11:04:44 
 Invesco Morningstar US Energy Infrastructure MLP UMLPD42.00+1.49%0.08K13:09:29 
 iShares Global High Yield Corp Bond GBP HedgedGHYS86.35-0.06%0.08K09:57:55 
 WisdomTree Short EUR Long USDSERO66.40-1.06%0.08K12:58:16 
 db x-trackers FTSE All-World ex UKXDEX7,660.3+0.20%0.07K11:56:14 
 Vanguard USD Corporate 1-3 year Bond UCITSVUSC39.29-0.76%0.07K11:42:32 
 iShares MSCI AC Far East ex-Japan Small Cap UCITSISFE2,536.0+0.44%0.07K08:34:12 
 iShares MSCI USA Small Cap UCITSCUS133,143.0+1.00%0.07K12:20:21 
 iShares $ Short Duration Corp Bond UCITS ETF USDIGSD78.11-0.75%0.07K09:07:58 
 iShares MSCI UK UCITSCSUK12,310.0+0.90%0.06K10:59:43 
 db x-trackers DBLCI - OY Balanced UCITS 3CXDBG3,978.9+0.36%0.06K09:56:24 
 iShares Spain Government Bond UCITSIESP161.70-1.36%0.06K28/04 
 Invesco Technology S&P US Select SectorXLKQ25,812.40+1.38%0.06K12:20:20 
 L&G DAX Daily 2x Long UCITSDL2P25,842.4+2.88%0.06K08:26:55 
 WisdomTree FTSE 100 2x Daily Leveraged2UKL17,219.0+1.79%0.06K11:02:00 
 iShares EUR Corp Bond ex-Financials GBPEEXF92.46-0.06%0.05K12:58:07 
 iShares $ Corp Bond Interest Rate Hedged UCITS USDLQDH93.10+0.25%0.05K09:51:27 
 iShares Nikkei 225 UCITSCNKY16,423.6+0.95%0.05K08:00:07 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 3-7yr UCITS ETF USDCU7110,336.0-0.76%0.05K09:00:27 
 Source Energy S&P US Select Sector UCITS USDXLES519.99+1.54%0.05K12:02:22 
 Invesco FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets UCITSPSRM666.75+1.43%0.05K12:21:55 
 iShares MSCI World GBP Hedged UCITSIGWD7,029.0+1.81%0.05K12:17:29 
 WisdomTree AgricultureAGAP601.00-0.31%0.05K08:00:05 
 iShares MSCI Saudi Arabia Capped UCITS ETF USD (DiIKSD6.19-0.63%0.05K08:30:39 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 UCITS0MLD43.56+1.19%0.04K13:09:32 
 Lyxor UCITS Commodities Thomson Reuters/CorecommodCRNL2,263.76-0.43%0.04K10:16:12 
 The Medical Cannabis and Wellness UCITS AccCBDX6.91+2.56%0.04K13:01:50 
 db x-trackers Nifty 50XNIF16,156.0+0.53%0.04K09:33:33 
 Franklin FTSE Brazil UCITSFVUB18.45+0.42%0.04K12:20:06 
 db xtrackers II iBoxx US 1 3 TreasXUT3162.53-0.01%0.04K11:53:13 
 The Medical Cannabis and Wellness UCITS AccCBDP546.30+1.03%0.04K12:49:21 
 iShares EURO STOXX Small UCITSDJSC3,750.5+0.89%0.03K12:37:27 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 1-3Y DRU13G7,781.0-0.82%0.03K08:01:57 
 iShares Asia Pacific Dividend UCITSIAPD1,816.7+0.89%0.03K11:09:11 
 iShares Dow Jones Global Sustainability Screened UIGSG4,280.5+1.00%0.03K12:45:32 
 WisdomTree Long EUR Short USDLERO29.9+0.64%0.03K09:08:55 
 iShares MSCI EMU Small Cap UCITSCES121,540.0+0.24%0.03K08:02:07 
 Lyxor Australia (S&P/ASX 200) D-EURLAUU53.06+1.59%0.03K08:50:44 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond Hedged Acc0GGH4.8190.00%0.03K10:58:57 
 Lyxor US TIPS DR D-USDTIPU113.89-0.09%0.03K13:19:22 
 iShares MSCI USA Dividend IQHDIQ3,231.5+0.95%0.03K11:20:03 
 WisdomTree Emerging Markets SmallCap Dividend UCITWTDGSE1,481.13+0.58%0.03K11:19:46 
 iShares $ Corp Bond USDLQDS8,491.1-1.06%0.03K12:20:19 
 Lyxor UCITS Dow Jones Industrial Average D-EURDJEL25,230.0+0.81%0.03K08:47:17 
 Invesco MSCI Saudi Arabia UCITSMSAU31.98-0.04%0.02K08:37:57 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx GBP Gilt Inflation Linked DRGILI18,796.0-0.63%0.02K09:31:37 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia UCITSCEA112,489.0+0.04%0.02K08:36:16 
 iShares S&P 500 Consumer Staples Sector AccIUCS7.31+1.74%0.02K11:02:39 
 Lyxor JPX Nikkei 400 UCITSJPXG13,797.0+0.37%0.02K08:39:33 
 iShares STOXX Europe 50 UCITSEUN3,112.9+0.96%0.02K11:27:33 
 SPDR S&P Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrats UCITSPADV34.57+0.22%0.02K08:30:05 
 iShares Core DAX UCITS0MLH118.94+0.24%0.02K13:16:26 
 Source Consumer Staples S&P US Select SectorXLPS544.93+1.37%0.02K09:31:50 
 Xtrackers MSCI Europe UCITS ETF 1CXMEU6,046.9+0.87%0.02K10:40:57 
 Invesco Goldman Sachs Equity Factor World UCITSEFIW174.63+1.41%0.02K11:05:15 
 WisdomTree Long USD Short GBP 5x DailyUSP57,300.0-4.53%0.02K11:41:34 
 Fidelity US Quality Income IncFIFUSD8.15+2.28%0.02K08:59:45 
 Lyxor Euro Overnight Return UCITS AccCSHD109.92+1.20%0.02K10:21:17 
 iShares Edge MSCI World MF GBpIFSW8.55+2.12%0.02K13:12:46 
 SPDR S&P Euro Dividend AristocratsEUDV18.05+0.57%0.01K09:54:37 
 WisdomTree SoybeansSOYB31.26+0.34%0.01K11:38:23 
 Invesco S&P SmallCap 600 UCITSUSML53.44+2.36%0.01K12:51:33 
 ETFS US Energy Infrastructure MLP GOMLPX406.50+0.61%0.01K10:32:04 
 WisdomTree Short EUR Long USD 3x DailySEU384.80-1.84%0.01K09:02:33 
 iShares $ Corp Bond Interest Rate Hedged UCITS USDLQDG74.09-0.72%0.01K13:12:19 
 iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap UCITS DistISJP2,949.0+0.80%0.01K11:38:54 
 WisdomTree Short GBP Long USDSGBP57.51-0.74%0.01K08:00:05 
 L&G Russell 2000 US Small Cap UCITSRTWO80.74+2.17%0.01K10:30:49 
 HAN-GINS Innovative Technologies UCITS ETF - AccumITEK10.53+1.69%0.01K13:11:18 
 WisdomTree S&P 500 3x Daily Leveraged3LUS80,409.0+3.73%0.01K09:14:06 
 Source Utilities S&P US Select Sector UCITSXLUS471.90+1.18%0.01K08:04:20 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe Momentum EURIEFM716.08+1.20%0.01K10:55:41 
 VanEck J.P. Morgan EM Local Currency BondEMLC53.94+0.38%0.01K08:00:31 
 iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond UCITSIGHY66.11-0.38%0.01K09:30:54 
 iShares MSCI Japan SRI Acc Share ClassSUJP6.27+1.77%0.01K08:18:29 
 iShares Bric 50 UCITSBRIC1,699.4-0.59%0.01K08:30:03 
 iShares Core EURO STOXX 50 ETF EURISISX5136.06+2.12%0.01K13:17:16 
 db x-trackers S&P Global Infrastructure UCITS 1CXSGI4,339.7+0.64%0.01K09:57:00 
 HSBC MSCI EM Far East UCITSHMFE3,642.0+0.03%0.01K11:07:24 
 WisdomTree Nickel 1x Daily ShortSNIK4.51+4.76%0.01K13:05:34 
 Source MSCI World UCITSMXWO79.80+1.31%0.01K10:04:48 
 WisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend UCITSDFE1,639.06+1.88%0.01K11:19:51 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond ex-Financials 1-5Yr UCIEX5105.68-0.70%0.00K04/05 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Banks UCITS0MNK13.4460+0.52%0.00K11:15:24 
 iShares MSCI UK Small Cap UCITSCUKS21,300.0+1.19%0.00K12:45:25 
 iShares MSCI South Africa UCITSIRSA32.98+2.28%0.00K09:58:38 
 Lyxor UCITS EuroMTS All-Maturity Investment Grade MTXX14,697.0-0.06%0.00K09:16:23 
 Lyxor iBoxx GBP Liquid Corp Long GBPCOUK13,248.0-0.10%0.00K08:00:12 
 iShares EURO STOXX Mid UCITSDJMC5,376.4+1.01%0.00K11:21:23 
 Lyxor UCITS Dow Jones Industrial Average D-EURDJEU312.00-0.16%0.00K10:49:25 
 iShares Dow Jones Global Sustainability Screened UIGSU53.90+2.04%0.00K11:55:11 
 iShares Core € Govt Bond UCITS ETF EURSEGA99.60-0.44%0.00K08:00:36 
 iShares EURO Total Market Growth Large UCITSIDJG3,725.0+1.04%0.00K08:03:04 
 iShares EUR Govt Bond 20 Target Duration020Y4.83510.00%0.00K10:53:12 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 1-3Y DRUS1397.73-0.07%0.00K08:06:37 
 WisdomTree FTSE 100 2x Daily Short2UKS1,882.0-2.32%0.00K13:13:12 
 WisdomTree LivestockAIGL2.288+2.56%0.00K08:00:12 
 iShares Euro Ultrashort Bond UCITSERN184.40+0.18%0.00K10:11:06 
 iShares Global AAA-AA Govt BndSAAA66.67-0.45%0.00K12:20:21 
 First Trust EM AlphaDEX Class AFEM2,438.6+0.86%0.00K12:54:25 
 iShares MSCI Korea UCITS DistIDKO46.41+1.20%0.00K08:04:17 
 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap UCITSIEMS78.51+1.32%0.00K12:06:43 
 iShares MSCI Korea UCITS AccCSKR171.29+1.28%0.00K08:17:10 
 Fidelity US Quality Income AccFUQA728.92+1.24%0.00K12:20:23 
 iShares EURO STOXX 50 UCITS0MLJ37.76+1.04%0.00K08:59:22 
 UBS MSCI Japan Socially Responsible JPY A-disJPSR1,746.18+0.36%0.00K12:20:24 
 HSBC MSCI Brazil UCITSHMBR16.98+1.45%0.00K08:00:42 
 db x-trackers MSCI China UCITS DR 1CXCX61,190.43-0.53%0.00K09:42:40 
 WisdomTree Europe Equity UCITS ETF - USD HedgedHEDJ20.41+1.40%0.00K08:15:10 
 iShares EURO STOXX Banks 30-15 UCITS0MLQ8.8460+0.52%0.00K10:38:26 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Diageo Daily3LDO452.65+0.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI Pacific ex-Japan UCITS DistIPXJ44.50+0.00%020/05 
 Granite 3X Long Astrazeneca Daily3LAZ869.50+0.00%001/01 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Barclays Daily3LBC67.00+0.00%020/05 
 GraniteShares 3x Short BP Daily3SBP23.550.00%001/01 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 15-30Yr UCITSIBGL184.89-0.22%008:15:17 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 3-5Yr UCITSIBGX139.09-0.27%008:15:14 
 Xtrackers MSCI Korea UCITS ETF 1CXKS26,220.5+0.00%001/01 
 GraniteShares 3x Short BAE Systems Daily3SBA40.200.00%001/01 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Barclays Daily3SBC14.820.00%020/05 
 db x-trackers DAX UCITS DR Income 1DXDDX8,898.0+0.00%020/05 
 GraniteShares 3x Long BAE Systems Daily3LBA699.00+0.00%020/05 
 HSBC MSCI Canada UCITSHCAD21.560.00%020/05 
 db x-trackers II Sterling Cash UCITSXSTR18,139.0-0.05%008:01:26 
 L&G Healthcare Breakthrough UCITSDOCT11.98+0.00%020/05 
 UBS - EURO STOXX 50 UCITS ETF (EUR) A-disUB0037.37+0.00%001/01 
 db x-trackers MSCI Malaysia UCITS DR 1CXCS310.650.00%020/05 
 iShares GBP Corporate Bond ex-Financials UCITSSSXF137.310.00%020/05 
 db x-trackers LevDAX Daily UCITS 1CXLDX9,829.0+0.00%001/01 
 MSCI CHINA A 50 CONNECT UCITS ETFKA5030.27+0.00%020/05 
 db x-trackers MSCI Mexico UCITS DR 1CXMEX428.20+0.00%001/01 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Spain UCITSCS115,944.0+0.08%008:00:39 
 Amundi MSCI EMU UCITSCMU19,476.0+0.00%020/05 
 iShares MSCI Mexico Capped USDCMXC0130.10+0.00%020/05 
 Amundi ETF MSCI China UCITSCC1U277.580.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI South Africa UCITSSRSA2,586.50.00%020/05 
 Amundi MSCI Brazil UCITSBRZ45.81+0.00%001/01 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Liquid Emerging Markets SoveLEMB79.80+0.00%001/01 
 JPM BetaBuilders US Treasury Bond 0-1 yr UCITS AccBBIL101.65+0.00%020/05 
 PowerShares EURO STOXX High Dividend Low VolatilitEUHD2,118.0+0.97%008:39:37 
 Xtrackers Stoxx Europe 600 Telecommunications SwapXSKR5,822.5+0.00%001/01 
 Lyxor MSCI EMU Small Cap (DR) UCITS ETF DistLYMMS290.05+0.00%001/01 
 Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe ex UK UCITS EUR AccVERG30.14+0.00%020/05 
 DB Physical Gold GBP HedgedXGLS991.630.00%020/05 
 Lyxor DAX (DR) UCITS - AccDAXX10,997.0+0.00%001/01 
 Lyxor US Curve Steepending 2-10 UCITS ACCSTPU96.27+0.00%020/05 
 SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Dividend AristocratsEMDV11.10+0.00%020/05 
 iShares Emerging Asia Local Government Bond UCITSSGEA69.13+0.00%020/05 
 Lyxor MSCI World ESG Trend Leaders DR UCITSLYWESG27.430.00%001/01 
 iShares Emerging Asia Local Government Bond UCITSIGEA86.180.00%020/05 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Diageo Daily3SDO75.800.00%001/01 
 Franklin Liberty Euro Short Maturity UCITS ETF EURFRXE21.250.00%001/01 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI World D-EURWLDD263.030.00%001/01 
 HAN-GINS Cloud Technology UCITS ETF - AccumulatingSKYP730.15+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Long EUR Short GBPGBUR4,150.50.00%001/01 
 SSga SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate UCITSGBRE28.730.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Long CHF Short GBPGBCH5,350.0+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree WTI Crude Oil Longer DatedFCRU64.13+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Brent Crude Oil Longer DatedFBRT65.10+0.00%020/05 
 UBS (Irl) ETF plc - MSCI ACWI Socially ResponsibleAWSG1,197.100.00%001/01 
 Source Physical Platinum PSPPT91.290.00%020/05 
 Source Physical Palladium PSPAL189.380.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Long EUR Short GBP 3x DailyEUP32,342.00.00%001/01 
 Lyxor USD Liquid Investment Grade Corporate Bonds USIG94.660.00%020/05 
 SSgA SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Small CapEMSD96.23+1.06%008:00:40 
 PIMCO Emerging Markets Advantage Local Bond SourceEMLB91.01+0.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI USA UCITSCSUS381.980.00%020/05 
 iShares MSCI Russia Adr/Gdr UCITSCSRU24.500.00%008/03 
 iShares Global Corp Bnd EUR HdgCRPH90.94+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Lean HogsHOGS0.41000.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short CHF Long GBPCHGB3,132.0+0.00%001/01 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid Corp USDUC7615.350.00%001/01 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid Corp USDUC841,232.00+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Precious MetalsAIGP21.100.00%020/05 
 iShares Global AAA-AA Govt BndIAAA83.460.00%020/05 
 Source Physical SilverSSLV20.870.00%020/05 
 db x-trackers MSCI Japan UCITS 1C DRXMJP5,085.5+0.00%001/01 
 iShares Euro Corp Bnd Financials0UCF101.980.00%026/04 
 iShares Fallen Angels HY Corp BndISWING5.27+0.67%008:20:20 
 WisdomTree PetroleumAIGO20.26+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Broad CommoditiesAIGC13.41+0.00%020/05 
 Vanguard FTSE Japan UCITS ETF USD AccumulationVJPB20.94+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Live CattleCATL5.140.00%020/05 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor MSCI Digital Economy ESG DIGE10.91+0.00%020/05 
 HSBC MSCI EUROPE UCITSHMEU1,260.30+0.00%020/05 
 iShares MSCI EM Minimum VolatilityISEMMV31.01+0.00%020/05 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Lloyds Banking Group Daily3LLL57.71+0.00%020/05 
 Ossiam FTSE 100 Min Variance 1CUKMV19,793.0+0.00%001/01 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Lloyds Banking Group Daily3SLL61.700.00%001/01 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Rio Tinto Daily3LRI765.63+0.00%020/05 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Rio Tinto Daily3SRI15.770.00%001/01 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Rolls-Royce Daily3SRR185.750.00%020/05 
 GraniteShares 3x Long Royal Dutch Shell Daily3LRD126.10+0.00%020/05 
 GraniteShares 3x Short Royal Dutch Shell Daily3SRD18.550.00%020/05 
 Lyxor UCITS Commodities Thomson Reuters/CorecommodCRNO28.34+0.00%001/01 
 SPDR Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond UCITS USAG99.68+0.00%001/01 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 5-7Y DRU37G8,753.0+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short EUR Long GBPURGB4,314.5+0.00%001/01 
 UBS Irl ETF plc - MSCI USA UCITS USD A-disUC047,530.50.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree TinTINM71.82+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Short EUR Long GBP 3x DailySUP33,488.5+0.00%001/01 
 Xtrackers MSCI World High Dividend Yield UCITS 1DXDWY17.290.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Europe Equity Income UCITS ETF AccEEIP1,374.20+0.00%001/01 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3Yr UCITSIBGS118.790.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Long EUR Short USD 3x DailyLEU310.280.00%020/05 
 iShares Euro Covered Bond UCITSICOV145.08+0.00%001/01 
 iShares Italy Government Bond UCITSIITB152.92200.00%018/05 
 iShares MSCI EM Minimum VolatilityISEMV2,480.0+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Agriculture 2x Daily LeveragedLAGR14.95+0.00%020/05 
 iShares Euro Ultrashort Bond UCITSERNE99.560.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree LeadLEED18.79+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Sugar 2x Daily LeveragedLSUG3.3180.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Europe Equity Income UCITS ETF AccEEIA16.24+0.00%001/01 
 Invesco MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSMXFS46.42+0.00%001/01 
 Source MSCI Japan UCITSMXJP63.83+0.00%001/01 
 Lyxor UCITS iBoxx USD Treasuries 5-7Y DRUS37109.110.00%001/01 
 Invesco FTSE RAFI Europe UCITSPSREG870.30+0.00%001/01 
 Lyxor FTSE 100 Monthly Hedged C-USDLY100H146.58+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short CNY Long USDSCNY32.920.00%001/01 
 Franklin FTSE Brazil UCITSFLXB22.90+0.00%001/01 
 PIMCO EM Advantage Local Bond EUREMLI59.79+0.00%001/01 
 db x-trackers MSCI Malaysia UCITS DR 1CXCX3853.630.00%001/01 
 db x-trackers II Barclays Global Aggregate Bond 3DXBGG7,244.5+0.00%001/01 
 SPDR Bloomberg Barclays 0-3 Year Euro Corporate BoSEUC29.55+0.00%020/05 
 SPDR S&P Pan Asia Dividend Aristocrats UCITSASDV42.99+0.00%020/05 
 SPDR Barclays 0-5 Year US High Yield Bond UCITSSJNK40.24+0.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI USA UCITSCSU130,638.50.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Europe Equity UCITS ETF - EUR AccHEDF19.47+0.00%001/01 
 iShares $ Emerging Markets Corporate Bond UCITSEMCP71.67+0.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap UCITS DistIDJP36.49+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Long USD Short GBP 3x DailyUSP37,116.0+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Short USD Long GBP 3x DailyPUS3894.000.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Industrial Metals - GBP Daily HedgedPIMT937.50+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Long GBP Short USDLGBP33.90.00%001/01 
 iShares Asia Pacific Dividend UCITSIDAP22.44+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short EUR Long GBP 5x DailySUP51,102.00+0.00%001/01 
 iShares EUR Aggregate Bond GBPSEAG96.680.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree GasolineUGAS52.22+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Europe Equity UCITS ETF - GBP HedgedHEDP1,207.20+0.00%001/01 
 db x-trackers MSCI EMU UCITS DRXD5E3,547.8+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree SoftsAIGS4.99+0.00%020/05 
 db x-trackers MSCI Japan DR 2DXMUJ25.89+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Industrial Metals 1x Daily ShortSIME23.010.00%020/05 
 UBS Barclays US Liquid Corp hedged GBPUC851,464.500.00%020/05 
 UBS MSCI Canada hedged A-accUC871,759.000.00%001/01 
 db x-trackers II Global Sovereign EUR UCITS 5CXG7S20,401.50.00%001/01 
 UBS ETF MSCI EMU UCITS EUR A-disUB0611,115.0+0.00%020/05 
 First Trust US Large Cap Core AlphaDEX Class AFEX5,071.00.00%020/05 
 UBS Bloomberg Barclays TIPS 1-10 hedged A-acc GBPUBTP1,470.500.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Broad Commodities 1x Daily ShortSALL42.92+0.00%001/01 
 UBS MSCI Japan A-disUB0D1,302.25+0.00%001/01 
 iShares € Govt Bond 0-1yr UCITS ETF EURIBGE81.710.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short JPY Long USD 3x DailySJP3131.02+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Japan Equity UCITS ETF - GBP HedgedDXJP1,208.25+0.00%020/05 
 SPDR Barclays 0-3 Year US Corporate Bond UCITSSUSC48.900.00%001/01 
 iShares US Aggregate Bond UCITSSUAG78.26+0.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI Russia Adr/Gdr UCITSCRU11,700.00.00%004/03 
 iShares Asia Property Yield UCITSIDAR24.34+0.00%020/05 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 1-3Yr UCITS AccCE319,226.50.00%001/01 
 HSBC MSCI Russia CappedHRUD2.700.00%004/03 
 iShares € Govt Bond 10-15yr UCITS ETF EURIBGZ141.240.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Eurozone Quality Dividend Growth UCITS EGRG1,719.70+0.00%001/01 
 iShares Edge MSCI World MF GBpFSWD680.00+1.27%012:00:06 
 Xtrackers II US Treasuries 1DXUTD206.260.00%020/05 
 iShares AEXIAEX5,901.0+1.32%008:00:40 
 iShares Bric 50 UCITSDBRC21.31+0.00%001/01 
 Ossiam Shiller Barclays Cape UKLCPE37,660.0+0.00%001/01 
 Invesco FTSE RAFI US 1000 UCITSPSPRUS25.530.00%001/01 
 iShares FTSE MIB GBPCMB18,314.0+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree FTSE 250 1x Daily Short1MCS3,860.50.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree FTSE 250 2x Daily Leveraged2MCL20,485.0+0.00%001/01 
 db x-trackers MSCI EMU UCITS USDXD5D51.58+0.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI EMU Mid Cap UCITSEMUM46.850.00%007/04 
 Lyxor UCITS JPX-Nikkei 400 Daily USJPXU148.76+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Palladium 1x Daily Short1PAS11.180.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Palladium 2x Daily Leveraged2PAL240.10+0.00%020/05 
 db x-trackers JPX-Nikkei 400 DR 4CXDNU20.36+0.00%001/01 
 Xtrackers JPX-Nikkei 400 UCITS ETF 1DXDNY13.72+0.00%020/05 
 Lyxor UCITS Euro Stoxx 50 Dailly USMSEU166.15+0.00%020/05 
 Lyxor UCITS JPX-Nikkei 400 Daily GBJPXX14,022.5+0.00%001/01 
 Invesco JPX-Nikkei 400N400153.54+0.00%020/05 
 ETFS US Energy Infrastructure MLP GOMLPI5.08+1.08%008:00:33 
 Lyxor UCITS Euro Stoxx 50 Dailly GBMSEX13,894.0+0.00%020/05 
 Lyxor Russia (Dow Jones Russia GDR) D-GBPRUSL395.60.00%007/03 
 Lyxor MSCI All Country World C-USDACWU253.250.00%001/01 
 Source JPX-Nikkei 400 UCITS USDN4US20.56+0.00%001/01 
 iShares Euro Corporate Bond BBB UKIEBB4.750.00%001/01 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc MS Scientific Beta US EUSEF168.100.00%001/01 
 iShares Euro Govt Bond 7-10IBGM171.250.00%020/05 
 iShares Global High Yield Corp Bond AccISHYEA4.84+0.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI Taiwan UCITSIDTW71.14+0.00%020/05 
 db x-trackers MSCI Europe Small Cap UCITS DR 1CXXSC4,502.5+0.00%001/01 
 db x-trackers DBLCI - OY Balanced UCITS 2CXBCU42.72+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree WTI Crude Oil - GBP Daily HedgedPCRD340.40+0.00%001/01 
 Lyxor UCITS China Enterprise (HSCEI) C-EURASIU99.67+0.00%001/01 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI World Industrials TR C-USDINDW402.540.00%020/05 
 Lyxor UCITS MSCI World Health Care TR C-USDHLTW450.76+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree US Treasuries 10Y 3x Daily LeveragedBS3TYL8,012.5+0.00%020/05 
 iShares Physical PlatinumSPLTI1,100.00+0.00%020/05 
 iShares MSCI Eastern Europe Capped UCITSIEER367.50.00%004/03 
 WisdomTree EURO STOXX 50® 3x Daily Leveraged3LEU16,246.5+0.00%001/01 
 iShares GBP Corporate Bond 1-5Yr UCITSES15119.17+0.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI Eastern Europe Capped UCITSIDEE6.310.00%004/03 
 L&G Gold Mining UCITSAUCO31.170.00%020/05 
 Ossiam US Minimum Variance ESG NR UCITS 1A (USD)USMV268.900.00%001/01 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Latin America UCITSALAU14.64+0.00%020/05 
 HAN-GINS Indxx Healthcare Innovation UCITS USD AccWELP542.25+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree Short GBP Long USD 3x DailySGB357.65+0.00%020/05 
 UBS BBG CMCI WTI CRUDEOILU134.85+0.00%001/01 
 db x-trackers MSCI Africa Top 50 UCITSXMAF7.120.00%001/01 
 Xtrackers MSCI Russia Capped Swap UCITS 1CXMRC400.00.00%004/03 
 Xtrackers Stoxx Europe 600 Food & Beverage Swap UCXS3R12,476.0+0.00%001/01 
 Xtrackers Stoxx Europe 600 Banks Swap UCITS ETF 1CXS7R2,915.0+0.00%020/05 
 Xtrackers Stoxx Europe 600 Technology Swap UCITS EXS8R7,686.0+0.00%020/05 
 db x-trackers Nifty 50XNID200.33+0.00%001/01 
 Xtrackers Stoxx Europe 600 Health Care Swap UCITS XSDR16,309.0+0.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI North America UCITSIDNA72.410.00%020/05 
 BetaBuilders US Equity UCITS USD AccBBSU2,810.50.00%001/01 
 HAN-GINS Indxx Healthcare Innovation UCITS USD AccHAWELL6.76+0.00%020/05 
 BetaBuilders US Equity UCITS USD DistBBUD33.630.00%001/01 
 Xtrackers ShortDAX Daily Swap UCITS ETF 1CXSDX1,255.200.00%020/05 
 BetaBuilders US Equity UCITS USD DistBBDD2,697.50.00%001/01 
 JPM GBP Ultra-Short Income UCITS - GBP (acc)JGSA101.580.00%001/01 
 iShares EUR Govt Bond 5-7 EURIBGY127.930.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short USD Long GBPUSGB3,225.00.00%001/01 
 UBS - FTSE 100 UCITS GBP A-disUB036,884.5+0.00%020/05 
 Ether Tracker Euro XBT Provider0MWP175.520.00%001/01 
 PowerShares FTSE RAFI UK 100 UCITSPSRU1,128.20+0.20%008:04:23 
 Fidelity Europe Quality Income UCITS AccFEQD5.13+0.00%020/05 
 iShares MSCI EM Latin America UCITS ETF USDDLTM15.48+0.00%020/05 
 iShares STOXX Europe 600 Construction & Materials 0MO658.86700.00%030/03 
 iShares MSCI EMU USD HdgEMUU7.37+0.00%020/05 
 WisdomTree EURO STOXX 50 3x Daily Short3LES94.950.00%001/01 
 Fidelity Europe Quality Income Hedged AccFEQP6.18+0.00%001/01 
 HSBC MSCI Korea UCITSHKOR4,247.5+0.00%020/05 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc - SciBeta HFE Europe EqEHEF124.92+0.00%001/01 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc - SciBeta HFE US EquityUSHF157.160.00%001/01 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc - SciBeta HFE EM EquityEMHF105.03+0.00%001/01 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc - SciBeta HFE JapanJHEF102.27+0.00%001/01 
 FundLogic Alternatives plc - SciBeta HFE Pacific ePHEF117.77+0.00%001/01 
 Bitcoin Tracker EUR XBT Provider0PTN1,299.200.00%001/01 
 iShares MSCI EM Consumer GrowthCEMG28.280.00%020/05 
 Franklin Liberty Euro Short Maturity UCITS ETF EURFRFLES25.110.00%001/01 
 iShares Euro Government Bond 3-7Yr UCITS AccCE7110,968.000.00%020/05 
 iShares MSCI Pacific ex-Japan UCITS DistSPXJ3,570.0+0.00%020/05 
 First Trust Indxx Innovative Transaction&ProcessLEGR26.480.00%001/01 
 VanEck Vectors Emerging Markets High Yield Bond UCHYGB81.82+0.00%001/01 
 VanEck Vectors Emerging Markets High Yield Bond UCHYEM101.92+0.00%001/01 
 VanEck Global Fallen Angel High Yield BondGFGB45.40+0.00%020/05 
 VanEck Global Fallen Angel High Yield BondGFA57.08+0.91%008:15:44 
 iShares Diversified Commodity Swap UCITS DE0MNN31.18250.00%001/01 
 Ether Tracker One XBT Provider0MWO183.260.00%001/01 
 iShares Edge MSCI Europe Quality Factor UCITS DistIEQD6.32+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Short JPY Long GBPJPGB4,664.5+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Japan Equity UCITS ETF - USD Hedged AccDXJA22.43+0.00%001/01 
 WisdomTree Nickel 2x Daily LeveragedLNIK87.24+0.00%020/05 
 DB Physical RhodiumXRH01,327.700.00%001/01 
 Invesco RDX UCITSRDXS35.500.00%002/03 
 Bitcoin Tracker One XBT0PTL1,351.04000.00%001/01 
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