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Currency Analysis & Comment

Chris Turner
FX Daily: A Glimpse of Future Easing By Chris Turner - Apr 20, 2023

The Hungarian forint sold off 2% yesterday after a local central banker surprised markets by suggesting Hungary could make preparations to start easing interest rates. Central banks in Eastern Europe...

Michael Ashton
Who’s Afraid of De-Dollarization? By Michael Ashton - Apr 20, 2023

Do we need to worry about the end of the US dollar dominance in international trade – the de-dollarization of global finance? There is widespread discussion and concern in some quarters as China and...

Francesco Pesole
FX Daily: Time for Some Stabilisation? By Francesco Pesole - Apr 19, 2023

With two weeks to go before the Fed and ECB meetings, central bank speakers have their last chances to steer market expectations before the quiet periods start. However, it appears markets have fully...

Chris Turner
FX Daily: Choppy Trading By Chris Turner - Apr 18, 2023

FX markets continue to be buffeted by opposing forces and are struggling to define short-term trends. Despite some positive Chinese activity data, Asian currencies are not rallying, suggesting that...

Francesco Pesole
FX Daily: EUR/USD Zeroing in on 1.10 By Francesco Pesole - Mar 31, 2023

We think EUR/USD may break 1.10 next week before the US payrolls, as the dollar remains vulnerable despite some repricing of dovish Fed expectations. USD: Struggling to find support The dollar has...

Frantisek Taborsky
FX Daily: Unorthodox Correlations By Frantisek Taborsky - Mar 30, 2023

With the yen bearing the brunt of the risk rally, the dollar saw some delayed benefits from the re-tuning in Fed rate expectations and enjoyed a modest recovery yesterday. Today, all eyes will be on...

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