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Currency Analysis & Comment

Michael Ashton
Who’s Afraid of De-Dollarization? By Michael Ashton - Apr 20, 2023

Do we need to worry about the end of the US dollar dominance in international trade – the de-dollarization of global finance? There is widespread discussion and concern in some quarters as China and...

Michael Lebowitz
4 Reasons U.S. Dollar Is Here to Stay By Michael Lebowitz - Apr 19, 2023 1

The dollar will be extremely hard to replace for four reasons: The rule of law, liquid financial markets, and economic and military might. 60% of global currency reserves are in dollars, and about...

Chris Turner
FX Daily: Choppy Trading By Chris Turner - Apr 18, 2023

FX markets continue to be buffeted by opposing forces and are struggling to define short-term trends. Despite some positive Chinese activity data, Asian currencies are not rallying, suggesting that...

Michael Lebowitz
Is the U.S. Dollar Dead? Not So Fast By Michael Lebowitz - Apr 12, 2023

Headlines like the ones below lead some to believe that the U.S. dollar’s death may be coming soon.China, Brazil Strike Deal to Ditch Dollar for Trade- Barron’s 3/2023 China Completes...

Francesco Pesole
FX Daily: EUR/USD Zeroing in on 1.10 By Francesco Pesole - Mar 31, 2023

We think EUR/USD may break 1.10 next week before the US payrolls, as the dollar remains vulnerable despite some repricing of dovish Fed expectations. USD: Struggling to find support The dollar has...

Frantisek Taborsky
FX Daily: Unorthodox Correlations By Frantisek Taborsky - Mar 30, 2023

With the yen bearing the brunt of the risk rally, the dollar saw some delayed benefits from the re-tuning in Fed rate expectations and enjoyed a modest recovery yesterday. Today, all eyes will be on...

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