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They have just released new project Doge on the blockchain Solana - Token SolDoge (SDOGE). Price $ still in fractions of cents. Already listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko. Will explode🚀Involves game, nft etc...
Doge will move soon. At least to 0.4 if we can break above 0.29
please, will like to trade, how can I buy and start trading online with best site
what's up about dogecoin?
Dogecoin na scam I swear,,,I regret swapping my C98 coin with dis stupid doge
why bro
it's not Elon Musk's fault but yours, you decided to follow what he says 🙄.... did he force you?🙄
wen is there festival sef? hoping it will pop it up little atleast
doge 🚀🚀🚀🚀
This coin is so dead
happy about Dogecoin
What next about degocoin
hi every one the binance app can it be used in ivory coast
I want to buy dogecoin